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Wondering why every time you go outside you all of a sudden feel like you’re at the Phoenix Zoo? Is the smell getting to be overwhelming? Have you tried the over the counter sprays you hook up to a garden hose and it doesn’t even work? There are several reasons why your artificial grass might have a strong odor. You may have a lower grade turf, a weed barrier, it may have been installed incorrectly or not maintained. Whatever the specific reason is, it usually comes down to improper drainage or lack of maintenance.

Synthetic Grass Backing

Turf backing plays an important role for artificial grass. If you have little holes on the back side of the turf, it won’t drain properly or air out. Here is what happens:

  • Water, pet urine, or other moisture gets trapped under the turf and is not able to air out or dry properly. The turf begins to smell and can even get moldy. It is essential for turf to drain correctly and breathe. Tiger Turf is the highest quality artificial grass on the market, AGP Turf, LLC installs this turf properly.

Inexperienced Installers Installed it Wrong

If you hired an inexperienced installer especially a non-licensed one, it is likely they did not have the knowledge and/or experience to install your turf properly.

  • If you have pets, you SHOULD NOT HAVE A WEED BARRIER directly underneath your turf.. Some installers put a weed barrier even if you have pets. Weed barriers prevent proper drainage and this contributes greatly to nasty odors. Not to worry Dirty Turf has the capability to remove smells even with a weed barrier under your turf without removing the turf.
  • Using the correct fill material is a must. Inexperienced installers will use silica sand when you have pets. Silica sand absorbs moisture. When you have pets, copper slag should be used. Copper slag does not absorb moisture.
  • They did not use a pet fill or pet deodorizer that kills off odor-causing bacteria. This should absolutely be used if you have pets.

Lack of Maintenance on Your Synthetic Grass

Proper maintenance is absolutely essential for the longevity of your turf. When your turf was installed, care instructions should have been presented to you. Unfortunately, a lot of people neglect to care for their turf and it’s not entirely their fault.

  • Turf should be sprayed down frequently
  • Pet droppings should be picked up and not allowed to sit (IT NEEDS TO BE PICKED UP OR IT WILL SMELL)
  • Pet urine should be sprayed down regularly with a pet-safe spot cleaner

Over The Counter Turf Cleaning Products

Over the counter artificial grass cleaning products only block or mask the smell temporarily. The bacteria is still there and the smell will come back. We neutralize the bacteria using pet-friendly and family-friendly methods and eliminate the smell at it’s core.

Power Washing Method For Synthetic Grass Cleaning

This method does not get rid of the smell or even cover it. Power washing is the same process as using a water hose sprayer. Within a few hours your turf will smell again. A power washer or pressure washer truck mounted or not is just a pressure washer. Do not get this method confused with a Truck Mounted Cleaning Machine, two  completely different machines.

Circular Rotary Cleaner For Synthetic Grass Cleaning

This method acts as a pressure washer an can potentially do more harm then good. These push out more water which leaves dents in your turf. These attachments are not meant for artificial grass. Just like a pressure washer they do not get rid of smells. VOIDS TURF INSTALLTION WARRANTY AND MANUFACTURER WARRANTY.

This image below is not recommended for cleaning artificial grass:

Soil or Quarter Minus Beneath Turf

One to three inches of quarter minus was installed beneath the turf as a foundation for the synthetic grass to lay over the top of. As dogs urinate the quarter minus becomes contaminated as well. Not only does the turf smell, but the quarter minus smells too, several tons of it. On 1,000 square feet we have to clean 10 or more tons of quarter minus. Our enzymatic cleaner is hands down the best product on the market. We use enough product to neutralize anything under the turf that may also be contaminated. Enough product has to be used in order to work. This will be explained in your consultation.

NOTE: Artificial grass is not inherently pet-friendly. You have to make it pet-friendly and maintain it to keep it pet-friendly. The materials added to the turf , when done properly, are what make it pet-friendly.

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