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Wondering why every time you go outside you all of a sudden feel like you’re at the Phoenix Zoo? Is the smell getting to be overwhelming? Have you tried the over the counter sprays you hook up to a garden hose and it doesn’t even work? There are several reasons why your artificial grass might have a strong odor. You may have a lower grade turf, a weed barrier, it may have been installed incorrectly or not maintained. Whatever the specific reason is, it usually comes down to improper drainage or lack of maintenance.

Synthetic Grass Backing

Turf backing plays an important role for artificial grass. If you have little holes on the back side of the turf, it won’t drain properly or air out. Here is what happens:

  • Water, pet urine, or other moisture gets trapped under the turf and is not able to air out or dry properly. The turf begins to smell and can even get moldy. It is essential for turf to drain correctly and breathe. Tiger Turf is the highest quality artificial grass on the market, AGP Turf, LLC installs this turf properly.

Inexperienced Installers Installed it Wrong

If you hired an inexperienced installer especially a non-licensed one, it is likely they did not have the knowledge and/or experience to install your turf properly.

  • If you have pets, you SHOULD NOT HAVE A WEED BARRIER directly underneath your turf.. Some installers put a weed barrier even if you have pets. Weed barriers prevent proper drainage and this contributes greatly to nasty odors. Not to worry Dirty Turf has the capability to remove smells even with a weed barrier under your turf without removing the turf.
  • Using the correct fill material is a must. Inexperienced installers will use silica sand when you have pets. Silica sand absorbs moisture. When you have pets, copper slag should be used. Copper slag does not absorb moisture.
  • They did not use a pet fill or pet deodorizer that kills off odor-causing bacteria. This should absolutely be used if you have pets.

Lack of Maintenance on Your Synthetic Grass

Proper maintenance is absolutely essential for the longevity of your turf. When your turf was installed, care instructions should have been presented to you. Unfortunately, a lot of people neglect to care for their turf and it’s not entirely their fault.

  • Turf should be sprayed down frequently
  • Pet droppings should be picked up and not allowed to sit (IT NEEDS TO BE PICKED UP OR IT WILL SMELL)
  • Pet urine should be sprayed down regularly with a pet-safe spot cleaner

Over The Counter Turf Cleaning Products

Over the counter artificial grass cleaning products only block or mask the smell temporarily. The bacteria is still there and the smell will come back. We neutralize the bacteria using pet-friendly and family-friendly methods and eliminate the smell at it’s core.

Power Washing Method For Synthetic Grass Cleaning

This method does not get rid of the smell or even cover it. Power washing is the same process as using a water hose sprayer. Within a few hours your turf will smell again. A power washer or pressure washer truck mounted or not is just a pressure washer. Do not get this method confused with a Truck Mounted Cleaning Machine, two  completely different machines.

Circular Rotary Cleaner For Synthetic Grass Cleaning

This method acts as a pressure washer an can potentially do more harm then good. These push out more water which leaves dents in your turf. These attachments are not meant for artificial grass. Just like a pressure washer they do not get rid of smells. VOIDS TURF INSTALLTION WARRANTY AND MANUFACTURER WARRANTY.

This image below is not recommended for cleaning artificial grass:

Soil or Quarter Minus Beneath Turf

One to three inches of quarter minus was installed beneath the turf as a foundation for the synthetic grass to lay over the top of. As dogs urinate the quarter minus becomes contaminated as well. Not only does the turf smell, but the quarter minus smells too, several tons of it. On 1,000 square feet we have to clean 10 or more tons of quarter minus. Our enzymatic cleaner is hands down the best product on the market. We use enough product to neutralize anything under the turf that may also be contaminated. Enough product has to be used in order to work. This will be explained in your consultation.

NOTE: Artificial grass is not inherently pet-friendly. You have to make it pet-friendly and maintain it to keep it pet-friendly. The materials added to the turf , when done properly, are what make it pet-friendly.

Over 320 5-Star Customer Reviews!

Dirty TurfExcellentDirty Turf5.0 Based on 393 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onLyndsay P.Lyndsay P. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf is a great company and Steve, Owner, is a master of his craft. The process he follows to clean and spruce up your turf is second to none and he cares about his work. We have a large Mastiff…bigger the dog bigger the waste… but a clean with Dirty Turf holds for nearly an entire year! If you are considering having your turf professionally cleaned, don’t hesitate, call Steve!Cyndi M.Cyndi M. ★★★★★ I’m a Realtor and had turf deep cleaned as a house warming gift for my clients! They did a great job. Clients with small child were very pleased!! They will be my go to from now on!!Catie C.Catie C. ★★★★★ I recently hired Dirty Turf to clean my artificial turf, and I couldn't be happier with the service I received. From start to finish, the experience was fantastic.First of all, the cost was very reasonable. I had expected to pay a lot more, but Dirty Turf offered competitive pricing without compromising on quality.Steve's team was absolutely amazing. They were not only professional but also very friendly and approachable. They took the time to explain the cleaning process to me and made sure I was comfortable with everything before they started. Their attention to detail was impressive, and they worked diligently to ensure my turf looked as good as new.The end result was beyond my expectations. The turf looks immaculate and fresh, far better than I could have imagined. It's clear that Dirty Turf takes pride in their work, and their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident.danielle C.danielle C. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf was amazing. I have not had our artificial turf cleaned in a couple years. We had four guys show up to do the job and they were fast and efficient. They blew the turf off really good, sprayed, scrubbed with this big brush thing, sprayed again and brushed it again. I know they did something else but not sure what it was. My yard looks and smells amazing. If are looking to get your turf cleaned give them a call. You will not regret it. Thank you Dirty Turf for getting my yard smelling and looking new again.Bill W.Bill W. ★★★★★ I have had my turf for a few years and we have 2 dogs totaling 300 lbs. so many people had told me that adding Zeofill once a month and spraying my yard with the hose twice a week would control the urine smell. None of the products worked and in the summer our backyard was intolerable. I did a Google search and read a bunch of web sites. I called several people and Steve at Dirty Turf was the only one who wanted to talk. The rest just wanted to book an appointment. I appreciated Steve asking me questions about our turf and explaining their process as well as their guarantee. I went ahead and booked an appointment. They showed up on time and walked the yard with me. They worked a few hours and when they were done it looked like it had on when it was installed. It smells amazing as well. I waited a few days to make sure it really solved our problem and I have to say it still smells great. I asked Steve about monthly service and he told me every 3 months would be more than adequate. How many companies pass up money now-a-days? Give these guys a call, you won’t regret it!Mariah P.Mariah P. ★★★★★ Dirty turf did an amazing job on my turf, which included 3 years worth of build up from my two pups. They were great to communicate with and followed up repeatedly throughout the process. Mark was great to work with the day of the service, and Steve was also great to work with regarding scheduling, follow up, etc.Coy B.Coy B. ★★★★★ We would like to thank the crew that has been to our home a few times, they keep the turf looking amazing!!! It looks new surprisingly with our two dogs no unwanted smells. They definitely go above and beyond, We just had a get together for our daughters graduation and we received many compliments on the turf, hats off to you all very professional and customer service is always so very friendly, We do recommend DIRTY TURF to our friends and family. Hats off to this company thank you..Elizabeth R.Elizabeth R. ★★★★★ For the past two years, I’ve tried every enzyme cleaner under the sun to get rid of the urine smell from my dogs on my turf and nothing seemed to be working! I came across dirty turf and wanted to give anything a try at this point. Needless to say, I was blown away! I stood outside for a minute to see if I smelled anything after the cleaning, even making sure I didn’t smell anything after the wind blew and nothing but fresh air!!! It was a fast and affordable service that I would recommend to anyone! Amazing customer service as well! Thanks to dirty turf, my turf looks like it did on day one:)Brandon B.Brandon B. ★★★★★ Steve and his guys did a great job. Fast, on time, quality of work was perfect. Wish I used them sooner. Highly recommendMeg F.Meg F. ★★★★★ Great job on my turf. I have many dogs ant the smell is gone!!Christina D.Christina D. ★★★★★ Grass has never looked or smelt better! John and his team did a great job cleaning our turf today!scottykimberly C.scottykimberly C. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf did a remarkable job cleaning my turf. Fast, efficient, easy to communicate with. I would 100% recommend them to get your turf clean and deodorized!Malachi M.Malachi M. ★★★★★ This turf cleaning service is the best I've ever used, even compared to two other companies I've tried before. I was truly amazed by the team's expertise in professional cleaning and their efficiency. They managed to complete the job in just 45 minutes, leaving my turf cleaner than ever and smelling great. After 30 days, there's still no odor at all. It's no surprise they offer a money back guarantee. They really stand behind their work and their products.Grace S.Grace S. ★★★★★ Jon was great, communicated the steps and process and was efficient. Turf looks greatAnne H.Anne H. ★★★★★ Steve and his crew are EXCELLENT. Professional, efficient, and master cleaners. This is a MUST do if you have pets or use your turf regularly. After Dirty Turf’s treatment, our turf is practically better than new! Exceptional value for the price.Rene K.Rene K. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf has been cleaning our turf and it’s been about 6 months and the turf still doesn’t smell!Highly recommend Dirty Turf!Andrew G.Andrew G. ★★★★★ Great company. They got my turf looking and smelling brand new (2 dogs). Highly recommendPatricia D.Patricia D. ★★★★★ Turf was smelling bad. Tried everything to clean it. Turf now looks and smells great! Thank you!Aleixa B.Aleixa B. ★★★★★ I'm impressed with how well this has held up. Dirty Turf cleaned our turf six months ago, and there's still no odor. Their equipment is top-notch, far better than what we've seen from previous companies. They're a highly professional team, and I would recommend Dirty Turf to anyone in need of this service.Katie J.Katie J. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf did a great job freshening up our artificial turf. The treatment included a deep, penetrating clean to remove germs, mold, parasites, etc. The yard looks and smells great! We signed up for quarterly service going forwardKaitlynn F.Kaitlynn F. ★★★★★ Steve did an amazing job on our turf, looks and smells so much better!Ann D.Ann D. ★★★★★ My friends want to enjoy being in my back yard again!Thanks Dirty Turf!!!!I really thought I would have to move homes with four dogs in a relatively small yard.Game changer.Leah T.Leah T. ★★★★★ Our dog odor was so bad and our exterior paint contractors made a mess in our front yard. Dirty Turf somehow made everything look good as new. It was impressive!!!Bruce M.Bruce M. ★★★★★ Had turf cleaned this afternoon. It had a real bad dog urine odor. Smells nice and fresh now and looks totally refreshed. Only access to back yard is through the house and crew was very conscientious of not dragging equipment across flooring. Will definitely us them again.Samantha C.Samantha C. ★★★★★ Beautiful job! Smells great!Lori B.Lori B. ★★★★★ Very happy with the service and results!Jake V.Jake V. ★★★★★ Steve was detailed on the phone about their process, didn’t over sell himself.. allowed me to schedule on my time. Crew showed up 20 minutes before their estimated arrival time with extra hands so they were in and out.Jay A.Jay A. ★★★★★ Steve and crew helped get our yard back in shape. Turf looks good smell is gone! We like the service so much we signed up for the quarterly clean to protect our investment. I would highly recommend. Dirty Turf!Damias W.Damias W. ★★★★★ Service was fast and as advertised. Our turf came out fresh, clean, and looking like new. I will be using their service again in the future.Sarah Z.Sarah Z. ★★★★★ Our yard is looking brand new after our service with dirty turf. They were quick and professional. Would recommend & will be booking my next cleaning with them!Asia R.Asia R. ★★★★★ GREAT guys who came out and tackled a job i thought was impossible. We have 3 big dogs who have made our turf so smelly and gross to the point we don’t even want to be in the backyard. FINALLY we can enjoy our backyard and pool again!! So so thankful to have found these guys! So worth it!Sarah R.Sarah R. ★★★★★ My turf looks amazing after they came. So nice and helpful. Looks rejuvenated and brand new again.Isaiah D.Isaiah D. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf came to clean our turf and we are very satisfied! We have tried multiple turf cleaning companies and this one has definitely been the most detailed! We have 2 big dogs & we can usually smell the turf again after a few days, but this time we can see the difference. Will continue to use them!jonatan H.jonatan H. ★★★★★ They arrived on time, friendly and very professional. Very impressed with the results. Highly recommend!Stephanie R.Stephanie R. ★★★★★ We are so happy with Dirty Turf cleaning services! Steve was very easy to communicate with and the prices very fair. My turf was very smelly and full of tiny leaves deep down. It looks brand new now and is fluffy and inviting! And no more smell so far! The team took the initiative to power sweep the tiny leaves more than once and they are all gone. It’s amazing! I highly recommend dirty turf and have already told friends about them.Kelly S.Kelly S. ★★★★★ With two dogs our turf can get pretty smelly.. we just had our first clean and the turf looks and smells like new! Highly recommend Dirty Turf!AZ643Baseball L.AZ643Baseball L. ★★★★★ our turf looks brand new again! It smells fresh and clean and looks fantastic.Samantha B.Samantha B. ★★★★★ Steve at Dirty Turf provided everything that I asked for: prompt and direct communication, easy scheduling, on-time appointment and (most importantly) a spectacular outcome!Our 5 year old turf was badly in need of a refresh. 2 dogs, 1 kid and 5 years of neglect left it looking dingy and smelling a little funky. Steve and his crew did their Dirty Turf magic, and in about 30 minutes my turf is back to looking and smelling like new.I would - and will - recommend Steve and Dirty Turf to anyone with artificial grass. It’s a great value service to protect the investment we initially made, and create a way more inviting and useful back yard. 11 stars out of 5!CassisCassis ★★★★★ Fast, efficient and helpful, these guys are the best at getting your turf cleaned.Austin R.Austin R. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf is the most professional turf cleaning service in Arizona. We’ve used 2 different companies before and it did not work. Steve, the owner assured me they would get the smell out just one treatment. I was amazed at what these guys can do. They were on time and very fast which I loved. Hands down the best turf cleaning company in town. Highly recommended!KerryKerry ★★★★★ Dirty Turf is prompt, responsive and reasonable. My first experience didn’t give the exact outcome I wanted and they came back out - no questions asked - and completed a second service. Very happy with the results and especially the service!Bill A.Bill A. ★★★★★ Steve and his staff are great!! We have a fenced in dogrun that we have cleaned by DT every 3 months. They cam out today, and it looks like the turf I'd brand new. I highly recommend them.Shelly T.Shelly T. ★★★★★ I had dirty turf clean my backyard and it was John and Matt and they did amazing job. There’s no smells I would recommend them extremely highly recommended.Kristine B.Kristine B. ★★★★★ Steve and his company are AMAZING! They are quick to respond and do fantastic work! We have 3 dogs and you can’t smell a thing. VERY professional, friendly and leave your yard looking great! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!Bryan H.Bryan H. ★★★★★ I highly recommend their services. We had a pet parasite issue, and the issue on our manufactured grass was addressed and solved. Pets are parasite free now!! don’t bother looking around any further you have found your turf cleaners!Candace B.Candace B. ★★★★★ Reliable, fast service. Turf looks beautiful and stays fresh for months!Matthew T.Matthew T. ★★★★★ After trying various products to remove odors from our artificial turf without success, we were on the verge of removing it altogether. That's when we discovered that professional cleaning was an option. We contacted several turf cleaning services and ultimately chose Dirty Turf. It turned out to be the right decision, as they efficiently eliminated all the unpleasant smells!js_loader

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