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You may not have been aware that the professional cleaning company you hired uses either a truck-mounted system or portable equipment. However, it is worth noting that these options can affect the quality of your  cleaning service whether it’s carpet, tile and even artificial turf. A truck-mounted cleaning system involves equipment that is permanently installed in a van, truck or trailer with hoses and attachments brought into the home. On the other hand, portable carpet cleaning systems are units brought into the house in their entirety.

Portable cleaning machines for turf and even pressure washers do not have the same level of cleanliness, dryness, and odorlessness as truck-mounted cleaning. Truck-mounted cleaning machines are generally more effective for cleaning. faster and may even be more cost-efficient.

Compared to portable types, truck-mounted systems have the ability to heat water to higher temperatures, resulting in a more thorough cleaning process. This is because hot water activates the cleaning solution and breaks down dirt, allergens, and odors that are embedded in the carpet. Additionally, truck-mounted equipment is more powerful than portable cleaners, which allows for the extraction of more dirt and moisture.

Another advantage of truck-mounted cleaning machine is the convenience of having the heavy equipment already set up, which reduces setup time. As a result, the crew can promptly begin cleaning the carpets, ultimately leading to a quicker cleaning process.

Although professional truck mounted cleaning machines are robust, portable ones are not as powerful as the large equipment mounted on trucks. Consequently, the cleaning process may not be as thorough, and the technician might need to go over the same area repeatedly to remove stubborn stains,, smells, which could result in damage over time.

The use of portable machines also prolongs the cleaning process because the technician has to unload and set up all the equipment. Moreover, the less powerful machine means that drying takes longer, and the technician may have to install fans and dehumidifiers to speed up the drying process.

What type of cleaning machine do you want on your turf, a professional truck mount or portable pressure washer you can use yourself?

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