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Dogs sniff where they urinate for several reasons, mostly related to their instinctual behaviors and communication. Here are some key points:

Territorial Marking

Dogs have scent glands in their urine, which they use to mark their territory. By urinating in a specific spot, a dog leaves its scent behind as a message to other dogs. When they sniff their own urine or the urine of other dogs, they can gather information about who has been in the area.


The scent in a dog’s urine can convey a wealth of information to other dogs, such as the dog’s identity, sex, age, and reproductive status. Sniffing these scents allows dogs to learn about each other even in the absence of a physical meeting.


Dogs have an incredibly keen sense of smell, much stronger than humans. By sniffing where they urinate, dogs can detect changes in the environment or notice if a new dog has entered their territory.

Social Behavior

Sniffing urine is also a part of dogs’ social behavior, allowing them to engage with their environment and the animals within it. This behavior can be a way for dogs to understand the social hierarchy or find potential mates.
Overall, this behavior is a natural and normal part of how dogs interact with the world around them, using their sense of smell to gather information and communicate with other dogs.
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