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A professional truck-mounted cleaning machine is a high-performance, industrial- grade cleaning system designed for extensive and efficient cleaning tasks. Unlike portable units, these machines are installed directly into the chassis of a vehicle, typically a van or a small truck, making them a powerful, cleaning solution. Here's a breakdown of its core components and functionalities:

1. Powerful Engine & Vacuum System: Truck-mounted cleaning machines are equipped with their own power sources, often in the form of gasoline or diesel engines. This independence from external power supplies allows them to deliver consistent, high-powered performance. The vacuum systems in these units are also significantly more potent than those in portable units, ensuring superior suction and faster drying times.

2. High to Low Pressure Water Pump: These machines are equipped with high-pressure water pumps, capable of shooting water at pressures from 100 psi to 3200 psi (pounds per square inch). This high pressure is essential for deep cleaning carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces, effectively removing dirt, grime, and stains and now including artificial turf.

3. Large Capacity Water Tanks: Truck-mounted systems come with large tanks that can hold a significant amount of clean and recovered water. This capacity allows professionals to undertake extensive cleaning tasks without the need for frequent refills, saving time and increasing efficiency.

4. Extended Hose Reach: These systems typically include a lengthy hose system, allowing the cleaning technician to reach areas far from the vehicle without losing power or efficiency. This feature is particularly beneficial for cleaning large buildings or multi-story homes and large turf areas quickly.

5. Advanced Heating Systems: They are often equipped with advanced heating systems to heat the water to high temperatures. Hot water extraction is a critical component of effective cleaning, as the heat helps to dissolve stubborn stains and sanitizes surfaces by killing bacteria and pulling out urine.

6. Waste Recovery & Disposal: Truck-mounted cleaners are designed with efficient waste recovery systems. The powerful vacuum extracts the dirty water into a recovery tank, ensuring that the waste is contained and can be disposed of responsibly, following environmental regulations.

Professionals favor truck-mounted cleaning machines for their robust performance, efficiency, and convenience. They are a common sight in sectors that demand the highest cleaning standards, such as commercial real estate, hospitality, and corporate environments. Their design ensures not just superior cleaning results but also a reduction in cleaning times and a boost in productivity.

Other turf cleaners typically employ pressure washer-type systems that lack heating capabilities, unlike the more advanced truck-mounted cleaners. These portable carpet cleaners are not as robust or powerful, leading to less effective cleaning results. Pressure washer systems, or attachments used with a pressure washer, do not have vacuum capabilities. This means that contaminants like urine remain trapped in the turf. Without proper extraction, the turf might appear clean on the surface but, in reality, is still holding urine inside. This underscores the importance of using a more comprehensive cleaning system that includes vacuum extraction to ensure a truly deep and thorough clean.

Garden Hose Sprayer / Pressure / Power Washer / Surface Disk Cleaner (does not remove odors, VOIDS WARRANTY)

We offer a specialized suite of sprays tailored for artificial turf maintenance, starting with our advanced preliminary spray. This powerful formula is designed not just to mask, but to thoroughly disinfect and eliminate odors at their source, whether from urine, vomit, feces, or other organic matter. Unlike most turf cleaners that rely solely on enzyme action, which merely breaks down substances without disinfecting, our approach ensures a deeper, more hygienic clean. This meticulous attention to detail sets the foundation for a pristine, safe, and odor-free turf environment.

When cleaning turf it’s important to know that urine removal with an enzyme solution does not disinfect or prevent black mold or fungus. This is an entirely different spray. If an enzyme is mixed with other sprays, it ruins the enzyme which is why we have multiple spray applications. Black mold growing in turf is not uncommon; fungus as well (looks almost like mushrooms growing in your turf) Our black mold, fungus, mildew spray prevents this from happening and also removes it. We spray for black mold, fungus and mildews on every clean.

Dirty Turf formulated their very own urine removal product. There is a significant difference between a commercial grade product and anything you purchase from a store or online. True professional cleaners use appropriate cleaners that they are only be allowed to purchase. They are a much more effective product. Our product not only cleans the turf, but the infill or sand directly inside the turf and quarter minus below it. Store or online bought enzymes are not a permanent solution, They are not strong enough, too diluted and cannot penetrate odors to the source.

With 30 years of professional cleaning experience and urine removal from carpet, upholstery, area rugs, different fabrics, soil, animal stables, synthetic turf, we put our urine removal product against any other product in the nation. We strongly believe we have the absolute best product that will take our urine smells and other odors the very first try.

Unlike off-the-shelf, ready-to-use products that often underperform, we meticulously mix our cleaning agents right on site. This tailored approach ensures our products penetrate deeply, reaching the base of the turf for a thorough clean. We don’t just address surface issues; we ensure comprehensive cleanliness from top to bottom. Additionally, our products are known for their delightful fragrance and long-lasting effects, outperforming any other product in the market. Our competitors us ready to use products which may not be effective enough to remove odors.

We use 1 gallon of Dirty Turf's urine removal per 100 sqft. When cleaning turf, let’s take 1000 sqft for example. We not only have to clean the turf but the infill inside the turf and quarter minus below it. This is over 10 tons of material. Our powerful sprayers force our product where it needs to go.

1 Gallon Per 300 SQFT

32oz Bottle / Unknown

Pet deodorizer does not get smells out. It protects your turf and control odor. It is an infill-like sand for pets that is dropped inside artificial grass. Think of it as a glorified kitty litter. On a new install 1 to 3 pounds per sqft of pet deodorizer is dropped inside turf. On turf that is already installed we add what is required per install specs. We add a nice thick layer without adding too much. Installers know how to do this best. Our competition only puts a thin layer of deodorizer. If there is not enough inside your artificial grass, it will not do a thing. In order for a pet deodorizer to work properly its best to have professional installers like us to determine exactly how much you need. We add pet infill for free because we have lots of product left over from install jobs.

Req'd Amount Per Install Specs. Dirty Turf Does Not Charge For Pet Infill.

Thin Layer/Charge up to $40 per bag

Power brooming is what we use to not only get debris out, but it fluffs the turf up. It’s is also used during the install process to place infill deep inside the turf and get those turf blades standing nice and tall. If not broomed correct, seams can easily split apart, turf can be pulled up and if broomed in the incorrect direction, the blades will not stand like they are suppose to. Installers do the best job and power brooming synthetic grass. While our competition are not installers, our sister company has been doing installs in Arizona for over 15 years, and they are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Some Do Not

We bond our enzyme with your existing and newly added infill. This mean the enzyme is absorbed inside the new infill and will stay in there. Our powerful sprayers force enzyme product inside your existing infill and newly added pet deodorizer.

As our competitors will spray your turf once for urine removal, we spray through out the entire cleaning process. You may have years of pet urine embedded deep in side your turf. Once we leave your yard we ensure its not just masked, but completely removed.

We are the only company on the planet that we know of that came out with a UV spray that protects your artificial turf from sun damage. The Arizona sun is brutal and will eventually deteriorate your turf. Our UV spray for turf helps prevent this from happening.

Calcium buildup is very common with artificial turf. We are the only company in town with the capability to remove this from your turf.

Dirty Turf also installs artificial turf professionally. Very important to know because the turf knowledge is there from turf types, to infill, to power brooming, adding the right amount of infill, etc. If you are looking for someone to trust to clean your turf we have the most experience.

When removing odors such as urine from turf, carpet, mattresses, etc, an enzyme is sprayed down. The enzyme spray only removes odors, it does not sanitize or disinfect. Dirty Turf performs multiple spray treatments including a completely separate treatment to sanitize and disinfect your turf. Our competitors only use one spray which is an over-the-counter attachment you screw onto a garden hose and spray. These type of cleaners attempt to remove odor but do not sanitize or disinfect. If you mix a disinfectant in an enzyme spray, it will kill the enzymes that remove odors. Professional cleaners for decades follow this process where they first remove the orders then apply disinfectant afterwards.

Dirty Turf includes the application of cooling tech infill at no additional cost. We have lots of this infill leftover from our install jobs, we give it to you for FREE! The other guys charge as much as $2 per square foot!


Most Do Not OR Charge as Much as $2 per SQFT

Dirty Turf guarantees complete removal of odors from your turf in just one treatment. Our pet safe product completely removes all smells at the source.

Multiple Needed

We understand that your fur babies will continue to urinate on your lawn, leading to the emergence of new odors. However, with Dirty Turf's urine preventative solution, you can relish a pristine yard without worrying about the recurrence of these smells. The solution is long-lasting and will endure, enabling you to enjoy your yard at all times. After the next cleaning, there should be no lingering smells.

Our turf scrubber stands unrivaled in its field, boasting proprietary modifications specifically engineered for artificial grass maintenance. This unique piece of equipment is a multitasking powerhouse, setting a new standard in turf care.

When it comes to scrubbing, our machine outperforms the rest. While powerbrooms and portable cleaners merely skim the surface, our machine’s innovative multi- directional spinning action delves deep, ensuring that stubborn debris like dog feces, calcium deposits, and stains are thoroughly eradicated. Unlike our competitors who rely on power washers that can drive contaminants deeper into the turf, potentially contaminating the infill, our machine is designed to extract debris effectively, leaving no trace behind.

But our machine doesn't stop there. While standard powerbrooms merely scratch the surface, our equipment goes above and beyond, penetrating deeply to decompact infill throughout its entire depth. This comprehensive approach not only removes debris that others might miss, but it also liberates trapped odors and revitalizes old infill, breathing new life into your turf. It’s not just cleaning; it’s a total turf rejuvenation system.

Our extraction process sets a new industry benchmark, eclipsing the standard practices of many turf cleaning companies. While some providers merely mask the issue by spraying or power washing, effectively leaving contaminants like urine, vomit, and diarrhea embedded in your turf, our approach is fundamentally different and far more effective.

Moreover, even among those few companies venturing into extraction, many rely on portable carpet cleaners whose functionality is akin to powerbrooms, merely grazing the surface without truly addressing the deeper layers. In stark contrast, our specialized extraction machine delves deep, navigating through the infill to thoroughly remove contaminants.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is adept at extracting years of accumulated debris, urine, and loose stools, ensuring these are securely contained in our waste tanks, not left in your yard. This commitment to thorough, responsible cleaning is evident. Unlike our competitors, whose processes you might have seen on social media, often culminating in the counterproductive act of dumping the waste back onto the property, our method is meticulous, hygienic, and respects the integrity of your space. With our service, your turf isn't just cleaned; it's restored and respected.

Dirty Turf stands alone in its capability to rejuvenate your turf by removing old, contaminated infill, a task beyond the reach of ordinary solutions. Traditional shop vacs simply lack the power and precision needed for such a thorough rejuvenation. Instead, we deploy our advanced extraction machine, specifically engineered for this purpose.

Why settle for merely cleaning the old infill when you can completely renew it? Our approach isn't just about cleaning; it's about transformation. We replace the old, contaminated infill with brand new, pristine material, ensuring your turf isn't just cleaned, but fully revitalized. With Dirty Turf, you're not just getting a cleaning service; you're investing in a complete turf restoration, guaranteeing a fresher, more vibrant, and healthier space.

Turf Installation & Manufacturer Warranties

Pressure Washers & Surface Cleaners

A pressure washer and surface cleaner can damage artificial turf by causing abrasions on the turf fibers. The water stream can break down the fibers of the artificial turf, causing them to fray and weaken. Additionally, the surface cleaner, which uses a metal spinning brush to scrub the surface, can cause damage by pulling grass blade  fibers out of the turf or causing them break.

Using a pressure washer and surface cleaner on artificial turf also voids the install and manufacturer warranty, as the manufacturer will consider this type of cleaning to be an improper use of the product equivalent to walking or running on it with metal cleats. Being in the installation industry and understanding how turf warranties work, we’re able to ensure our cleaning process does not void your install or manufacturer warranty. In fact, Dirty Turf has relationships with several of the top manufacturers allowing Dirty Turf to be Arizona’s exclusive trusted turf cleaning company.

Over Powerbrooming

Over power brooming, or using a broom artificial turf, can cause damage to the turf fibers.  It will lead to a decrease in the overall lifespan of the turf.  Manufacturers will null and void your warranty. Some companies will power broom your turf 2 to 3 times with each visit. We save and expand the life of your turf.

Phosphoric Acid

Beware of urine removal product that use phosphoric acid even if its outdoors. Exposure to phosphoric acid can lead to bronchitis, which may present symptoms such as coughing, phlegm production, and/or shortness of breath. Additionally, contact with the liquid on the skin may result in dermatitis. Individuals who are more susceptible to exposure to phosphoric acid include those who have chronic pulmonary disease or skin conditions. This also pertains to pets.

Phosphoric acid is damaging to artificial turf due to its acidic properties. When in contact with the turf, it will cause chemical reactions that weaken the turf fibers and backing. Over time, this can lead to the turf breaking down and losing its structural integrity. This can affect the appearance and functionality of the turf, and may even result in the need for replacement.

Furthermore, many artificial turf manufacturers provide warranties for their products. However, these warranties typically do not cover damage caused by exposure to harsh chemicals like phosphoric acid. Therefore, if a person uses phosphoric acid on their artificial turf and it causes damage, the warranty may be voided and the cost of repair or replacement would not be covered.

It is important to always read and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and maintaining artificial turf, as well as avoiding the use of any chemicals that are known to be damaging to the material. Dirty Turf does not use products that contain phosphoric acid like some other companies do.

Peroxide Based Products

The long-term effects of using peroxide-based cleaners on artificial turf can lead to several potential issues, highlighting the importance of cautious and informed use. While these cleaners offer effective cleaning and deodorizing benefits, their chemical properties, particularly when used frequently or in high concentrations, can have detrimental impacts on the structural integrity and appearance of artificial turf.

Over time, the oxidative nature of peroxide can weaken the synthetic fibers that make up artificial turf which then will void warranties. Repeated exposure to peroxide-based cleaners can cause the fibers to become brittle, leading to a degradation in the turf’s resilience and durability. This brittleness not only affects the turf’s ability to withstand regular use but also makes it more susceptible to tearing and breaking. Consequently, the lifespan of the turf could be significantly shortened, necessitating premature replacement or repair, which can be both inconvenient and costly.

In addition to the physical wear on the turf, the aesthetic appeal of artificial turf can also be compromised with long-term use of peroxide-based cleaners. While immediate bleaching effects might not be evident, repeated applications can lead to a dulling of the vibrant green color that artificial turf is known for. This discoloration can result in an uneven appearance, with patches of turf looking faded or less vibrant than others, detracting from the overall look and feel of the space.

Moreover, it’s crucial to consider the health and safety aspects associated with the use of peroxide-based cleaners. These substances can be very irritating to the skin upon direct contact, posing risks to individuals applying the cleaner or coming into contact with the turf soon after treatment. Skin irritation can range from mild redness and itching to more severe reactions, depending on the concentration of peroxide and the sensitivity of an individual’s skin. This underscores the need for protective measures, such as wearing gloves and ensuring adequate skin coverage during application, as well as allowing sufficient time for the turf to dry completely before use.

Enzyme Products

Enzyme-based products are effective for eliminating pet odors, but they may not always provide a complete solution. Particularly with artificial turf, these products often require multiple applications. This is because urine can penetrate deep into the turf and the underlying quarter minus, necessitating additional treatments for thorough odor removal.

About our Products

With over 15 years of experience in the installation space and 30 years in the professional cleaning industry, we have had the opportunity to try almost every urine removal product available. However, we have found that removing urine from carpets differs significantly from artificial turf, as turf and other materials have greater absorption and are thus more challenging to clean.

Fortunately, we have developed our own proprietary products that can eliminate urine odors with just one treatment and are entirely safe for pets. We are confident that our urine removal product is the best in the world, as it does not cause skin irritation nor damages your turf, like many other products and effectively removes odors.

We are excited to announce that our product will soon be available for purchase online, so keep an eye out. Our product is truly one-of-a-kind, and there is no other product like it in the market.

Tools that will void your installation and manufacturer warranty.

Surface Cleaners

Pressure Washer

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Dirty TurfExcellentDirty Turf5.0 Based on 355 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onAustin R.Austin R. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf is the most professional turf cleaning service in Arizona. We’ve used 2 different companies before and it did not work. Steve, the owner assured me they would get the smell out just one treatment. I was amazed at what these guys can do. They were on time and very fast which I loved. Hands down the best turf cleaning company in town. Highly recommended!KerryKerry ★★★★★ Dirty Turf is prompt, responsive and reasonable. My first experience didn’t give the exact outcome I wanted and they came back out - no questions asked - and completed a second service. Very happy with the results and especially the service!Bill A.Bill A. ★★★★★ Steve and his staff are great!! We have a fenced in dogrun that we have cleaned by DT every 3 months. They cam out today, and it looks like the turf I'd brand new. I highly recommend them.Shelly T.Shelly T. ★★★★★ I had dirty turf clean my backyard and it was John and Matt and they did amazing job. There’s no smells I would recommend them extremely highly recommended.Kristine B.Kristine B. ★★★★★ Steve and his company are AMAZING! They are quick to respond and do fantastic work! We have 3 dogs and you can’t smell a thing. VERY professional, friendly and leave your yard looking great! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!Bryan H.Bryan H. ★★★★★ I highly recommend their services. We had a pet parasite issue, and the issue on our manufactured grass was addressed and solved. Pets are parasite free now!! don’t bother looking around any further you have found your turf cleaners!Candace B.Candace B. ★★★★★ Reliable, fast service. Turf looks beautiful and stays fresh for months!Matthew T.Matthew T. ★★★★★ After trying various products to remove odors from our artificial turf without success, we were on the verge of removing it altogether. That's when we discovered that professional cleaning was an option. We contacted several turf cleaning services and ultimately chose Dirty Turf. It turned out to be the right decision, as they efficiently eliminated all the unpleasant smells!Alana A.Alana A. ★★★★★ Dirty turf is the best in the valley hands down! My turf looks and smells brand new. Steve will give you the best price and the guys work very quickly.Ashlee R.Ashlee R. ★★★★★ I have two dogs and a tree that drops a ton of seeds, so I was having a tough time keeping the turf clean on my own. Dirty Turf did a great job cleaning and restoring my back yard. They even got up the dirt that I spilled by my garden beds. The turf in my back yard looks and smells greatBrock H.Brock H. ★★★★★ Second time cleaning my Artificial Grass. Quick, painless and super friendly. and fantastic job! Referring to friends and family!Ryan S.Ryan S. ★★★★★ Super thorough, high quality job. Fast and easy got our turf set up perfectly.Summer H.Summer H. ★★★★★ After researching all turf cleaning companies, we found Dirty Turf is the most qualified. Very friendly, and loved playing with our dogs. 3 of them showed up and I couldn’t believe how fast they are. Highly recommend to anyone who needs their turf cleaned. My turf does not smell at all and it’s been over a month!!!!JonJon ★★★★★ Best turf cleaner. First time with turf and having some clean it to look new is awesome. Dirty Turf did amazing job.Rebekah T.Rebekah T. ★★★★★ Thanks to Dirty Turf, I can now sit in my backyard and enjoy it! Great results!Sabrina O.Sabrina O. ★★★★★ We are absolutely thrilled with the way our turf looks, feels and smells! We have three dogs and have tried everything, we have finally found the solution DIRTY TURFDiane C.Diane C. ★★★★★ Scheduling was easy. I was kept informed as to timing. John and his coworker were professional and friendly!Byron W.Byron W. ★★★★★ Process was much quicker that I thought; turf looks like new and smell is gone.Jacklyn W.Jacklyn W. ★★★★★ Sent an email a week ago and still no response! But at 5 this morning a got a response and we are scheduling! Thanks Steve! I wished I had picked up the phone and called before posting the review.Jared C.Jared C. ★★★★★ Highly recommend! We have never had our turf professionally cleaned since we got it installed 5 years ago. Not only does it look brand new but the smell of pet odor/urine is GONE. I was able to put my face next to it and not even a hint of smell! I cannot recommend this company enough! Communication was wonderful, the technicians were very polite and let me know when they arrived, even asking permission to enter the backyard. When they were finished they let me know and made sure I knew it was safe for our pets to go back outside. 10/10 recommend to anyone with turf!Alec D.Alec D. ★★★★★ Steve did a great job cleaning my travertine and turf! The attention to detail and technology used immediately removed stains from my travertine and also any pet odors from my turf. I am very happy that I switched my previous service to DirtyTurf!Celeste R.Celeste R. ★★★★★ The owner and his crew were extremely helpful and professional. We were pleased they took the time to not only clean our turf but were able to offer a 2nd opinion and recommendations for future turf projects we have in mind. Will definitely use this company again and would highly recommend.Gianna L.Gianna L. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf was great! I have 4 dogs so my turf had a really strong urine smell after 6 months of living in my house, I researched so many companies and ended up choosing Dirty Turf because of the products they use and how their process works and they have different tools that most other people don’t. They were the only ones who could do extractions to get the smell out. The turf turned out great, no more urine smell, they worked very quick and efficiently, and even added a special pet infill to help with any smell. I highly recommend them to anyone needing turf cleaning and will definitely be using them everytime my turf needs a recleanM WM W ★★★★★ Top notch service. Less expensive than all of the other artificial turf services around here. 1000 square feet and three dogs, haven’t cleaned it in a year, smell is completely gone. To put it in perspective, other places wanted to charge $1 per square foot but offer a couple of discounts to bring a $1000 bill down to $700-800 for this job of 1000 square feet. Dirty turf said it’s $564 and they did a killer job. I’m having them come out again later this year. No wonder they have all those 5 star reviews.Thomas R.Thomas R. ★★★★★ Quick and easy experience. Job well done! Highly recommend the service for odors that won’t go away.Danielle S.Danielle S. ★★★★★ We are very pleased with the cleaning the Dirty Turf team provides. They are on time, efficient and are always a pleasure to work with. I definitely recommend their services especially if you have pets. It feels like a new yard everytime they leave.Denise L.Denise L. ★★★★★ Excellent customer service they did an amazing Job recommend 100%Evan S.Evan S. ★★★★★ Steve and the team were top notch. I will definitely be calling them back in 6 months to clean it again.Bob T.Bob T. ★★★★★ They did a great job bringing my turf back to life. Highly recommend Steve and his company.Mandi B.Mandi B. ★★★★★ I have been using their cleaning services for some time now, I have two large dogs and after cleaning the dog smells are completely gone and the grass look brand new. I would highly recommend Dirty Turf.Laura B.Laura B. ★★★★★ I have three miniature schnauzers who pretty much run the yard and also dominated the AstroTurf. I was worried we were becoming the house with the smelly yard ! I found Steve on google and he talked me through the interesting process of the clean. Explained the cleaning materials are safe so I got off the call feeling confident and comfortable. After Steve cleaned the turf it literally looked brand new and smelt amazing! He absolutely went above and beyond. I really Appreciate his thoroughness and customer care. Hands down would recommend this service 10 out of 10.austyn D.austyn D. ★★★★★ Steve and his team did a wonderful job. They were quick and cleaned my turf very well. It looks brand new! Will be using this service again.Cameron S.Cameron S. ★★★★★ Amazing job, my turf looks brand new. 10/10 recommend these guys over anyone elseMatt H.Matt H. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf made our turf look as good as new. Very happy we went with them.John S.John S. ★★★★★ Steve has cleaned our grass three times over the past few years. He always does great work with excellent customer service and communication. Definitely plan to continue using Dirty Turf to keep our yard looking and smelling new.Kevin W.Kevin W. ★★★★★ Absolutely great service. No smells, turf looks brand new. Definitely will call for future serviceAmber C.Amber C. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. I would 100% recommended them for your turf cleaning needs. My yard looks and smells better than new 👍Jennifer M.Jennifer M. ★★★★★ Cleaned our turf beautifully, all in support of Basha Softball! Thanks so much!Jen MartinezBasha Softball BoostersAmber B.Amber B. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf did an amazing job with our bullpen. The turf seemed beyond its days and they made it look brand new! Thank you Dirty Turf!!Chad P.Chad P. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf did a great job on the turf in the batting cage at Basha High School. This turf had never been cleaned and was several years old. They really brought it back to life. They worked fast and we are extremely happy with the results! Highly recommended.Michael Z.Michael Z. ★★★★★ The entire team of Dirty Turf is incredible! They turned our backyard into brand new again, and we can finally sit outside and enjoy the weather!!JUSTIN J.JUSTIN J. ★★★★★ They made my grass look amaizing, very professional, very timely and my dogs love it!!Autumn G.Autumn G. ★★★★★ Thank you for cleaning up our Dirty Turf! The boys and dogs are enjoying our time out in the yard.Matthew W.Matthew W. ★★★★★ Great service, exceptional resultsMarty S.Marty S. ★★★★★ They provide a great service, at a reasonable price. We were extremely pleased with the outcome. Thank You!Brianna A.Brianna A. ★★★★★ I'm so impressed with Dirty Turf! We have three dogs, and our turf had developed a strong odor. Dirty Turf came and thoroughly cleaned it, paying close attention to every detail. The turf now looks even better than when it was first installed. Steve and his team are incredibly pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Dirty Turf for their excellent service.chris G.chris G. ★★★★★ Those guys are awesome, just wow causeI didn't think my turf would even turn out this good! It's smells great too. They were on time, ready to work very fast. Very friendly too.I signed up on their monthly plan.Brian H.Brian H. ★★★★★ DirtyTurf did any amazing job getting my turf back to like new condition. Highly recommend, they stand behind their work 100%Nicholas B.Nicholas B. ★★★★★ I rarely write reviews, but after the phenomenal experience with Dirty Turf, I felt compelled to share my thoughts. We recently had our turf cleaned by their team, and I must say, the transformation was nothing short of remarkable.From the get-go, their customer service was top-notch – friendly, informative, and genuinely eager to meet our needs. The crew arrived right on schedule, equipped and ready to tackle the job. What impressed me most was their attention to detail. They didn't just clean; they meticulously revitalized every inch of our turf, breathing new life into it.The results? Our turf looks as vibrant and inviting as the day it was installed. It's not just clean; it's rejuvenated. The difference is night and day, and our neighbors have already made compliments about how great it looks.What's more, Dirty Turf uses eco-friendly products, which is a huge plus for us. We love knowing that our beautiful turf isn’t just visually appealing but also kind to the environment.I cannot recommend Dirty Turf enough. If you're looking for professional, efficient, and outstanding turf cleaning services, these are the folks to call. They've earned a loyal customer in me and I will definitely be using their services again in the future. Thanks, Dirty Turf, for your exceptional work!js_loader

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