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Truck Mounted Cleaning Equipment

Truck mounted cleaning equipment means just that. This is the type of professional equipment Dirty Turf uses to clean artificial grass. These type of machines are equivalent to the machines carpet and tile cleaners use, professional use. Our competition attempts to remove pet odors using a household garden hose with an over the counter attachment spray. You will never see a carpet cleaner use a garden hose to clean an area rug. Trained cleaning professionals use truck mounted equipment for a reason. These are the type of machines that are required to truly clean artificial grass.

Garden Hose Sprayer

Preliminary Spray & Dry

One of our steps to cleaning artificial grass is our preliminary wash of the turf or a pre spray. We also dry the turf to ensure when we do our official clean the product does not get diluted. This includes pet feces removal, aggressive debris removal, basic mud treatment, etc. The pre spray breaks contaminants and urine up to ensure they will be completely removed.

Spray for Black Mold, Fungus & Mildew: Removal/Prevention

When cleaning turf it’s important to know that urine removal¬† with an enzyme solution does not disinfect or prevent black mold or fungus. This is an entirely different spray. If an enzyme is mixed with other sprays, it ruins the enzyme which is why we have multiple spray applications. Black mold growing in turf is not uncommon; fungus as well (looks almost like mushrooms growing in your turf) Our black mold, fungus, mildew spray prevents this from happening and also removes it. We spray for black mold, fungus and mildews on every clean.

Commercial Grade Enzyme: Non store bought

Dirty Turf uses a commercial grade pet friendly enzyme. There is a significant difference between a commercial enzyme and anything you an purchase from a store or online. True professional cleaners use appropriate cleaners that they are only be allowed to purchase. They are a much more effective product. Our enzyme not only cleans the turf, but the infill or sand directly inside the turf and quarter minus below it. Store or online bought enzymes are not a permanent solution, They are not strong enough, too diluted and cannot penetrate odors to the source.

Amount of Enzyme to Remove Urine

We use 1 gallon of commercial grade enzyme per 100 sqft. When cleaning turf, let’s take 1000 sqft for example. We not only have to clean the turf but the infill inside the turf and quarter minus below it. This is over 10 tons of material. Our powerful sprayers force our product where it needs to go.

1 Gallon Per 300 SQFT.
32oz Bottle/Unknown

Amount of Pet Deodorizer

Per deodorizer does not get smells out. It is an infill type sand for pets that is dropped inside artificial grass. Think of it as a glorified kitty litter. On a new install 1 to 3 pounds per sqft of pet deodorizer is dropped inside turf. On turf that is already, installed we add what is required per install specs. We add a nice thick layer without adding too much. Installers know how to do this best. (We have a turf installation company) Our competition only puts a thin layer of deodorizer. If there is not enough inside your artificial grass, it will not do a thing. In order for a pet deodorizer to work properly its best to have professional installers like us to determine exactly how much you need.

Required Amount Per Install
Thin Layer


Powerbrooming is what we use to not only get debris out, but it fluffs the turf up. It’s is also used during the install process to place infill deep inside the turf and get those turf blades standing nice and tall. If not broomed correct, seams can easily split apart, turf can be pulled up and if broomed in the incorrect direction, the blades will not stand like they are suppose to. Installers do the best job and powerbrooming synthetic grass. Wile our competition are not installers our company have been doing installs in Arizona for over 15 years, fully licensed bonded and insured.

Some Do Not

Bonds Enzyme Inside Added Pet Deodorizer

We bond our enzyme with your existing and newly added infill. This mean the enzyme is absorbed inside the new infill and will stay in there. Our powerful sprayers force enzyme product inside your existing infill and newly added pet deodorizer.

Additional Urine Removal Spray

As our competitors will spray your turf once for urine removal, we spray through out the entire cleaning process. You may have years of pet urine embedded deep in side your turf. Once we leave your yard we ensure its not just masked, but completely removed.

Sun Protection Spray/UV Treatment

We are the only company on the planet that we know of that came out with a UV spray that protects your artificial turf from sun damage. The Arizona sun is brutal and will eventually deteriorate your turf. Our UV spray for turf helps prevent this from happening.

Calcium/Hard Water Spot Removal

Calcium buildup is very common with artificial turf. We are the only company in town with the capability to remove this from your turf.

Old Infill Removal/Replacement

One of our unique services. We have the machinery to remove old infill and replace it with fresh new infill. Lots of installers make the mistake and out the wrong infill or the infill is simply just old and some of our customers want it replaced.

Does Turf Installation

Dirty Turf also installs artificial turf professionally. Very important to know because the turf knowledge is there from turf types, to infill, to powerbrooming, adding the right amount of infill, etc. If you are looking for someone to trust to clean your turf we have the most experience.

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