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We Don't Just Neutralize It, We Remove It

Introducing our groundbreaking urine extraction turf cleaning service, the pioneering solution that stands alone in its effectiveness. Our unparalleled method goes beyond mere surface cleaning by completely eliminating urine and dirty infill from your turf, leaving it absolutely free from any traces of contaminants. With our state-of-the-art technology, we meticulously extract the urine and dirty infill, ensuring a thorough and hygienic cleanse. But we don’t stop there—rest assured, we go the extra mile to replenish the infill we removed, ensuring your turf maintains its optimal performance and appearance. Witness the remarkable transformation as we deliver a revitalized and pristine turf that surpasses your expectations.



We take detailed photographs prior to, during, and after the process of cleaning your turf to ensure that you have visual evidence that we deliver on our promises.


What does all of this turf cleaning jargon mean?

What is urine extraction?

Each turf cleaning company merely applies a solution to eliminate odors without pulling all of the urine out. In contrast, our extraction cleaning method not only eradicates unpleasant smells but also effectively eliminates the urine itself. We thoroughly suction it out and ensure its safe disposal, leaving your turf truly refreshed and free from any lingering traces.

Do you pull out the existing that is inside the turf now?

Indeed, we specialize in the removal of the old, soiled infill and replacing it with fresh infill. Our process involves adding two distinct types of infill. Firstly, we incorporate an odor-controlling infill specifically designed to combat pet odors, ensuring a pleasant and fresh environment. Additionally, add a cooling infill that effectively prevents your artificial grass from becoming excessively hot, enhancing your comfort and enjoyment. With our meticulous infill replacement, your artificial grass will not only look pristine but also offer an optimal experience in terms of temperature regulation.

We Know Artificial Grass, Inside and Out

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Over 220 5-Star Customer Reviews

Great experience. The owner was very detailed, and explained every step. Very professional. My yard looks great and the urine smell is gone. I highly recommend Dirty Turf.

Chris L.

I own a cleaning company where we do clean carpet, floors, pet treatments etc. I do not have time to clean my own turf. After watching how all the turf cleaning companies and speaking with them about it, I found that Dirty Turf is the only one capable of doing this properly. They have the right equipment, chemistry knowledge and install. If you understand cleaning and how it all really works, Dirty Turf is the choice.

Shannon S.

Would recommend Dirty Turf & Steve to anyone looking for cleaning or installation of new turf. In fact, we were so impressed that I already have them giving a quote on replacement turf at a different location. Thanks again Steve!

Gay B.

Professional! Reliable! Our artificial turf needed a “makeover.” Steve and his staff treated our property, addressing our specific needs. The transformation was remarkable!!! We couldn’t be more pleased!! Highly recommend!!

Jenny C.

Dirty Turf did a fantastic job of refreshing our artificial turf & making it look brand new! They were on time, professional, thorough and did wonderful work! I highly recommend them for all your artificial turf needs!

Jake A.

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