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Can you still feel the off-the-charts excitement, joy, and happiness of bringing home your very first pet? You couldn’t wait to show your special doggie around and watch her romp and play in the yard. You knew as soon as you laid eyes on your handsome boy that you couldn’t live without him. And bringing him home met your every expectation! He was fun, she was playful, and your life as a brand-new pet parent was off to a great start!

You worked through the early training days, thought it was kind of cute when your new doggie marked their territory on your turf, and pretty soon the whole family was getting along and enjoying days and nights frolicking around the front and back yard. Then, one day, you walked outside, and all of a sudden it smelled like the dog park on a hot day after someone forgot to clean up after their pet. What happened? And more importantly, how can you get your turf back to being odor-free? 

When Pets Go Potty, Parents Go Clean

Cats and dogs both love frolicking around on the lush green turf in your front and back yard. While cats might make use of the area to do their business occasionally, dogs are much more likely to make it a personal goal to mark their territory by marking your turf. They might even make a habit of using a favorite spot to do their business.

While turf is meant to drain, over time, weed layers can build up and create a barrier to proper drainage. Infill can also become less effective at absorbing and neutralizing pet odor. If regular maintenance isn’t carried out, bacteria, mold, and odors from pet waste will build up over time. 

Hose Down Doggie Hot Spots

It’s important to understand how to clean up after your pet. Cleaning doesn’t just mean picking up after they go number two. Depending on your turf infill, every time your precious pooch relieves herself or marks his territory, the spot they used should be hosed down. Hosing the spot helps wash the urine away and encourages complete drainage so there is no bacteria and odor buildup. 

Pet urine and feces are significant contributors to bacteria growth, mold buildup, and virus growth. It can also contribute to the presence of worms, parasites, and viruses, and cause your turf to break down faster. Cleaning the turf every time your dog uses it to do their business is essential if you want to keep your lawn looking great for years to come. 

Use an Anti-Microbial Spray and Pet Deodorizer

If your problem area is a front yard, you might have more activity than you realize from neighborhood doggies that enjoy your yard as much as you do. To prevent bacterial buildup from excess use that occurs when you’re not looking, you can spray an anti-microbial coating onto your grass. This coating can also be applied to your backyard to prevent buildup from your pets.

The best pet deodorizer sprays will actively work to actively break down ammonia and proteins in pet urine that cause bad odors. When bacteria growth is stopped before it starts, pet odor is neutralized instead of just covered, and you’ll achieve a fresher yard for much longer.

By using antimicrobial spray and deodorizer, you will:

  • Eliminate odors
  • Reduce bacteria buildup
  • Keep your yard looking and smelling great
  • Prevent early breakdown of infill and blades
  • Reduce the potential for viruses, worms, and parasites

Refresh Your Infill

One option you might want to consider is changing or upgrading your turf infill. Standard infill isn’t necessarily the best at preventing odor buildup from pet waste and some infills might contribute to the issue. 

If you have a pet, it’s wise to check what type of infill you have. Infill types that are pet-friendly but don’t particularly help with keeping odor down include:

  • Rubber crumb
  • Silica sand
  • Biofill
  • Envirofill
  • Zeolite

A proper pet infill such as ZeoFill will encourage drainage, deodorization, and help keep your yard sanitary. With ZeoFill, you won’t need to wash off your yard, either. This unique infill works best when dry and soaks up all moisture around. The anti-microbial properties keep bacterial growth to a minimum and provide a near maintenance-free lawn year around.

Take Advantage of Professional Cleaning Services

Even if you perform regular DIY maintenance, you’ll find that your lawn still needs a good old-fashioned deep clean from time to time. This isn’t just a hose washing. We’re talking about the kind of deep clean that only a professional turf cleaning company like ours can provide. The kind of deep clean that leaves your turf looking so fresh that you’ll never know you had a puppy pee on it in the first place. 

We provide two distinct cleaning service plans depending on the level of deep cleaning you need. 

Deep Cleaning Service: This option covers all the bases and includes our heavy enzyme treatment, power brooming, and pet deodorizer. After we deep clean your turf, it will look like new, be sparkly clean, and free of all pet odors. It will also be ready for months of use to come.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning Service: This is ideal if you’ve tried other cleaning treatments and pet odors still return sooner than you’d like. We will complete this process over two days and deep clean your turf, the existing infill, and even the quarter minus underneath your turf! We’ll re-bloom your turf, add our cooling technology to keep your grass cool, add the proper amount of deodorizer, and include our special enzyme treatment. This goes beyond the deep cleaning service and transforms your dirty turf into a brand-new lawn. 

It’s a good idea to schedule this kind of cleaning service on a semi-regular or regular basis depending on how much your yard gets used and abused. And you’ll be glad you did! Because once we’ve done a deep cleaning treatment, your turf lawn and backyard will be clean, pet odors neutralized, and your yard will look fresh and full. Give us a call today at (602) 638-8777!

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