Arizona is a hot spot for artificial grass. It looks beautiful, easy to maintain, no high-water bills, no landscapers constantly cutting grass, less allergies, the list goes on and on. For the most part this is all true, however synthetic turf needs to be maintained and cleaned by professional turf cleaners.

Dirty turf are very experience turf installers with our sister company AGP Turf and Synthetic Grass Masters fully licensed bonded and insured. Part of the cleaning process is just like install using tools such as power brooms, not just any power broom, we have different types of power brooms for different levels of turf and putting green. Our installation crews treat powerbrooming as if it were a brand new install. It needs to be done correct, with the right power broom or bad things can happen to the turf.

Turf Cleaning in Arizona Done Right To Help Keep Your Synthetic Turf Cool Doing The Summer Months

Arizona is an extremely hot state with temperatures that can reach up to 120 degrees. It can get cold too, 40 degrees in the Phoenix Metropolitan area such as Phoenix, Peoria, Scottsdale, Mesa, Goodyear, Tempe, Chandler, etc… Temperatures with fluctuation can affect Synthetic Turf due to the plastics. Understanding artificial grass and the materials help with the cleaning process. As installers ourselves and installing over 50 thousand SQFT. of different types of turf help with turf knowledge.

When your turf was installed its good to know the materials that were installed within the turf such as infill. With the hot temperatures, most likely cooling technology was not installed. This is very important for kids and pets so they do not burn themselves on the turf. Dirty Turf applies cooling tech for every cleaning job no matter what at no charge.

Keeping a well-maintained synthetic turf yard and helps with drainage when the infill is decompacted, leaves, rocks, sticks any debris it removed from turf. This also helps with heat issues as well.

Pet Turf Cleaning & Odor Removal Synthetic Grass

Pet Turf odor and other bacteria’s live in turf. This is not easy to get out. Dirty Turf and has a multi-step process to remove any odors, bad debri,  dog feces, etc. People and pets bring it back inside the home. Artificial pet grass or standard synthetic turf I an out door carpet. Your pets urinate all over it and it need to be cleaned. Think of it as an area rug or even carpet. If a pet urinates on it over and over it needs to be cleaned.

If you are in need of a basic turf clean or heavy duty truck mounted turf cleaning by experienced cleaners and installers, please contact Dirty Turf, call or text (602) 638-8777

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