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Our Artificial Turf Cleaning Packages

Select the artificial turf cleaning package that suits your needs best. With all our packages, we offer a 100% guarantee to eliminate all odors in a single treatment and provide the biggest smell warranties in Arizona. Dirty Turf only uses top-of-the-line equipment and possesses extensive expertise in both cleaning and installing synthetic grass. We pride ourselves in being the most advanced turf cleaning company in the country.
Price Match Guarantee For Any Quote Comparable To Ours!

The Quick Turf Clean - 20 Day Warranty

Powerbrooming/Grass Blade Lift

Debris & Hair Removal/Disposal

Urine Smell Removal

20 Day Smell Warranty

The Quick Turf Clean is ideal for:

Move Out Cleans
Something Basic & Quick
On a Budget

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Full Service Deep Clean - 30 Day Warranty


Preliminary Clean

Urine Smell Removal 1 Gallon Per 300 SQFT

Black Mold, Fungus Removal/Prevention

Anti Parasitic Treatment

Pet Deodorizing Infill – FREE

Cooling Technology Application – FREE

Powerbrooming/Grass Blade Lift

Debris & Hair Removal/Disposal

Decontamination Flush

Existing Infill Redistribution

Urine Smell Prevention Treatment

Sun Protection Treatment

30 Day Smell Warranty

Full Service Deep Clean is ideal for:

Any Type of Turf Application
Moderate to Severe Smells
Fix Installer Mistakes; wrong infill, get’s to hot, not enough infill
If you have no UV Protection

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Heavy Duty Turf Clean - 45 Day Warranty

Preliminary Clean

3x Times The Strength Urine Smell Removal 1 Gallon Per 200 sqft.

Black Mold, Fungus Removal/Prevention

Anti Parasitic Treatment

Pet Deodorizing Infill. up to 1 lbs per sqft. – FREE

Cooling Technology Application – FREE

Powerbrooming/Grass Blade Lift

Debris & Hair Removal/Disposal

Decontamination Flush

Existing Infill Redistribution

Additional Urine Treatment

Urine Smell Prevention Treatment

Sun Protection Spray

45 Day Smell Warranty

Heavy Duty Clean is ideal for:

Any Type of Turf Application
Moderate to the most extreme cases
Fix Installer Mistakes; wrong infill, get’s to hot, not enough infill
If you have no UV Protection
If you’re just picky and want it overly cleaned
Lots of dog feces

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We take detailed photographs prior to, during, and after the process of cleaning your turf to ensure that you have visual evidence that we deliver on our promises.


What does all of this turf cleaning jargon mean?

Preliminary Turf Clean

Upon inspecting your artificial turf, we proceed to address any issues by spot treating, eliminating any dog feces and debris present on the surface such as dog hair, leaves, rocks, sticks, twigs, embedded toys, noticeable metal, and so on.

Urine Smell Removal

At Dirty Turf, we take urine smell removal seriously, and we are confident that our proprietary product is the best on the market. Our product is guaranteed to remove all urine smells during the first treatment, even in challenging weather conditions, with the exception of rain. Unlike other companies that simply spray the surface, we take a comprehensive approach to the problem. We thoroughly clean the infill, sand, quarter minus, and weed barrier, ensuring that no urine smell is left behind.

It’s important to understand that urine smells rise, especially when wet. That’s why we address all of these areas, leaving no stone unturned. Our product is so effective that we offer a warranty of up to 45 days, depending on which package you choose.

Our Quick Removal and Full Service package is powerful, using one gallon per 300 square feet, and offering a 30-day warranty. For even more heavy-duty odor removal, we offer the Heavy Duty Clean package, which uses four times the strength and one gallon per 200 square feet, with a 45-day warranty.

Choose Dirty Turf for the most comprehensive and effective urine smell removal on the market, with the peace of mind of a warranty that ensures long-lasting results.

Black Mold & Fungus Prevention/Removal Treatment

Did you know that even artificial turf can become moldy and develop strange fungus? It’s a common problem that many people are not aware of, but fortunately, at Dirty Turf, we deal with it all the time.

Wondering how mold and fungus develop in artificial turf? The answer is simple: when there is moisture trapped inside and beneath the turf. With children and pets constantly playing on the turf, this can easily happen.

But where does the moisture come from? It can be from rain, dog urine, or even just using a water hose. Once trapped, it can take a long time to dry out, even in hot weather. In fact, it can take weeks to completely dry out, which provides ample opportunity for mold and fungus to grow.

At Dirty Turf, we offer preventative measures to stop this from happening. Our solutions will help ensure that your artificial turf remains mold and fungus-free, so you can enjoy it without any worries.

Antiparasitic Treatment

At Dirty Turf, we take the health and safety of your loved ones seriously. We understand that artificial turf can harbor various parasites and contaminants that can cause serious illnesses in children and dogs.

Some of these include Parvo, Distemper, eColi, Ringworm, Pinworms, Athletes Foot, Staph, Salmonella, MRSA, and many others.

Without proper cleaning, your children and dogs are at risk of exposure to these harmful bacteria and parasites. They play directly where your pets have defecated and urinated, roll around on the turf, walk barefoot, and bring it back inside your home, spreading it on couches, toys, beds, sheets, and even putting their fingers in their mouths.

We are straightforward with our approach because we want to emphasize the importance of keeping your artificial turf clean and safe. That is why we offer thorough cleaning services that eliminate all traces of bacteria and parasites, ensuring the health and safety of your loved ones.

Pet Deodorizing Infill

Infill is the sand that installation companies deliberately add directly into your turf to add weight and maintain the upright position of your grass blades. However, sometimes installers either use the wrong infill or don’t add enough for pets, leading to issues with odors and the overall look of your turf.

To ensure a well-installed and maintained turf, it’s best to work with an experienced installation company like Dirty Turf as we have an installation company too. We can quickly assess the state of your turf and determine if more infill, especially the type that is specifically formulated for pets, is necessary. Rest assured that in most cases, we can add the right amount of infill without causing any harm to your yard.

Even if you’ve recently had your turf installed with the wrong infill, we can still add more to help neutralize any smells. Don’t believe someone who tells you that your turf can’t handle more infill. In our experience, adding just enough infill can provide effective odor protection without compromising the comfort of your turf.

Dirty Turf provides pet deodorizing infill bags for FREE, as we have a surplus of this product from our installation jobs, unlike other companies who charge for extra bags.

Cooling Technology Application

We offer cooling technology infill as part of our professional turf cleaning maintenance services, especially in Arizona’s scorching summers to prevent burns on your pets’ paws or children’s feet. Our dry cooling technology can keep your turf up to 20 percent cooler, while our wet cooling technology can keep it up to 80 percent cooler.

Some companies may charge as much as $2.00 per square foot to include this product in your yard, but we provide it for free to our cleaning customers. We have a surplus of this product from our installation jobs, and we save it specifically for this purpose.

Powerbrooming / Debris Removal / Dog Hair Removal

Powerbrooming refers to a versatile tool that can take on various functions, such as using a rotary brush or turbine. Its primary objective during installation is to ensure that the infill is evenly distributed deep inside the turf, while also lifting the grass blades to give your turf a great appearance. When it comes to cleaning, the powerbroom can effectively remove debris and revitalize the turf.

Debris Removal:

  • Rocks
  • Sticks
  • Leaves
  • Dog Feces
  • Dog Hair (we have other custom tool for dog hair as well)
  • Metal Objects (magnetic sweet is also used)
  • and much more….

Decontamination Flush

We understand that contamination in artificial turf can be a serious health hazard for your family and pets. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive cleaning process that not only removes all contaminants but also ensures that your turf warranty remains valid.

Our process involves a thorough removal and flushing of all unwanted substances, including infill and quarter minus below the turf, without the need for turf removal. This is carried out after the initial professional cleaning to ensure that all contaminants are completely eliminated.

We take pride in our ability to provide an effective cleaning solution that not only protects your family and pets but also keeps your turf warranty intact. With our expert cleaning services, you can rest assured that your artificial turf is clean, safe, and hygienic for all to enjoy.

Existing Infill Redistribution

This unique process is the first and only one of its kind. Whether your turf is one month old or five years old, your infill has likely remained in the same location, with nowhere to go. As a result, everything becomes compact, and contaminants accumulate. Moreover, over time, as the infill shifts to level out, there’s nothing to support your grass blades, causing them to droop. To address this problem, we’ve developed a proprietary turf cleaning system that employs specialized tools. This system not only moves your existing infill around but also adds weight against the grain of your turf to keep your grass blades upright. This approach cannot be replicated with a powerbroom; we use our own custom tools to achieve this result.

Urine Smell Prevention Treatment

“You’re wondering how is this even possible right? How can you keep new pet smells away even though my dogs keep on peeing all over it?”

It may sound unbelievable, but we’ve created our very own product that effectively prevents new odors from developing. Following the complete removal of any previous lingering smells, your pets may continue urinating on the turf. However, our specialized prevention treatment will activate and prevent new odors from forming for extended periods, often up to three or four months and sometimes six.

Sun Protection Treatment

This is another one of our proprietary products that we have created, the first and only of its kind. Most turf have UV protection in it however we live in Arizona and the sun is extremely brutal here. Our sun protection spray, protects your artificial turf from the hard UV rays from the sun that will damage your turf. Think of it like sun block from turf.

What it protects:

  • UV Rays
  • Degradation (turf blades thinning and ripping out.
  • Keeps your turf lasting longer.

Chemistry & Product Mixing

At Dirty Turf, we know that you care about your pets and want the best for them. That’s why we take a different approach to turf cleaning than other companies. While some may rely on all-in-one solutions that promise to remove both odors and bacteria, we know that every yard is unique and requires a customized approach.

Our experienced cleaning professionals will conduct a thorough examination of your turf and run tests to determine the best course of action for your specific situation. We never use a one-size-fits-all approach, as we know that different products work better for different types of turf.

We take pride in our range of specialized products that serve various purposes, ensuring that we can offer the most effective solutions for each job. Our highly trained cleaning techs are experts in the industry, and they do not rely on pre-mixed, over-the-counter products that may be harmful to your pets.

At Dirty Turf, we care about your pets’ well-being and want to provide a safe and effective cleaning solution. That’s why our products are entirely safe for your furry friends and will not cause any skin irritation, unlike some other products on the market. Trust us to provide the best possible cleaning solution for your turf and keep your pets safe and happy.

Smell Warranties - 20 Day / 30 Day / 45 Day

We provide the best turf smell warranties on the planet. Should you smell anything within the warranty we will spray your turf down for FREE no questions asked!

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Over 220 5-Star Customer Reviews

Great experience. The owner was very detailed, and explained every step. Very professional. My yard looks great and the urine smell is gone. I highly recommend Dirty Turf.

Chris L.

I own a cleaning company where we do clean carpet, floors, pet treatments etc. I do not have time to clean my own turf. After watching how all the turf cleaning companies and speaking with them about it, I found that Dirty Turf is the only one capable of doing this properly. They have the right equipment, chemistry knowledge and install. If you understand cleaning and how it all really works, Dirty Turf is the choice.

Shannon S.

Would recommend Dirty Turf & Steve to anyone looking for cleaning or installation of new turf. In fact, we were so impressed that I already have them giving a quote on replacement turf at a different location. Thanks again Steve!

Gay B.

Professional! Reliable! Our artificial turf needed a “makeover.” Steve and his staff treated our property, addressing our specific needs. The transformation was remarkable!!! We couldn’t be more pleased!! Highly recommend!!

Jenny C.

Dirty Turf did a fantastic job of refreshing our artificial turf & making it look brand new! They were on time, professional, thorough and did wonderful work! I highly recommend them for all your artificial turf needs!

Jake A.

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