Turf Quality Check

Each turf clean is different than the other. Part of our inspection is to check the quality of turf. Not all turf is the same. We check the turf quality to determine which tools to use, check the quality of install, grass ounce, where the turf is made, etc.

Turf Blade Check

We check the turf blades to determine weather or not they have damage or not. Different areas of your turf may or may not be matted down, have sun damage, sunscreen damage, damage for chlorine from a near by pool. We inspect all of this and will determine the process of which type of power broom to use; hard power brooming or soft power broom. We have tools for every instance.

Turf Infill Check

Turf infill inspection of part of the cleaning process. Most turf installers if they work strictly with contractors or unlicensed never use pet infill to help keep pet odors out. We inspect the existing infill to see how much has been installed, what type was installed and determine how much is needed. Most of the time if pet infill has not been installed, you will need the required amount based off installation specs.

Turf Backing Check

Turf drainage is a very important part of turf care, maintenance and cleaning. A good quality turf should drain at least 30 gallons per square yard. If your turf doesn’t drain properly it collects odors, bacteria’s, mold, etc. We examine the turf backing, how much it drains, where drain holes are placed, type of turf backing, etc.

Turf Seam Check

We examine turf seams to see if they are nailed or glued down. Most of the time if you have visible seams, we can hide them.

Turf Base/Quarter Minus Check

When your turf was installed, 3 to 5 inches of dirt was removed and replaced with quarter minus and packed in. This is the base or foundation of your turf install. We check to see is the foundation is in tact and stable, how well it drains and look for breaks, bumps, holes, etc.

Turf Perimeter Check

We check turf perimeter and edges to see if they were installed properly. Turf properly installed nail down is 2 to 3 inches apart, not 6 to 8. If the perimeter of your turf was nailed 6 to 8 inches apart, edges get untucked and seams split apart.

Turf Heat Check

Turf in Arizona can get extremely hot. We test for heat issues and determine if you need cooling technology application to help keep your turf cool during the Arizona summer months.