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If you have a beautiful artificial turf lawn out in front of your business, you already know how much time and money it saves you. You don’t have to hire someone to mow, you’ll never have to water, and you don’t need any fertilizer to make sure it stays lush and green. But, as with anything worth investing in, your beautiful turf lawn will require some maintenance to keep it looking its best.

At Dirty Turf, we provide professional artificial turf cleaning and maintenance services for businesses and commercial properties across the entire Phoenix, Arizona metro area. We offer a variety of services to keep your artificial turf looking its best all year around. We understand that not all lawns are the same and that’s why we provide a range of options for lawn cleaning and rejuvenation to keep your business looking its best.

Maintenance Plans for High Foot Traffic Areas

So how do we determine how much cleaning is required? One of the biggest indicators for the amount of care your artificial turf will need is based on how much foot traffic your turf receives. No matter how small or large your business, turf care comes down to how much it gets used. You could be a small business that has a children’s play area and your turf is used heavily. Or you could be a large business with turf used for aesthetic purposes that rarely sees foot traffic. These items determine how much care and maintenance your turf requires. 

No matter whether your turf is used heavily or only occasionally, one thing is true: your landscaping goes a long way in making an impression on your customers and clients. If you don’t schedule regular maintenance for your lawn, you could end up with turf that is matted down and tired-looking. On the other hand, if you schedule too much maintenance, you could potentially damage your grass and shorten its lifespan.

Artificial turf is a significant investment, and that’s why it’s important to do maintenance right. At Dirty Turf, we’ll help you determine how much maintenance your lawn needs. High foot traffic areas such as children’s play areas, dog runs, and lunch areas will require more maintenance than turf that isn’t used very much. 

When we provide maintenance for heavily used turf, we often recommend a monthly or bi-monthly service. This service includes cleaning with a commercial grade enzyme, turf re-blooming, debris removal, and more. Cleaning will ensure your grass looks great and re-blooming will make your grass appear lush and full. High-traffic areas won’t have a chance to become overly matted down with our monthly or bi-monthly re-blooming service. We can also schedule service quarterly or based on a custom schedule that works best for you.

Maintenance Plans for Low Foot Traffic Areas

Businesses that utilize artificial turf to enhance aesthetics will require less upkeep than heavily used lawns, but maintenance is still important to keep your turf looking great for years to come. You may not see it at first, but over time artificial turf will collect a buildup of pet hair, pet waste from the occasional pooch, bacteria from spills, odors, and debris. 

A thorough cleaning every so often will remove debris and pet hair, while deeply cleaning it and eliminating odors, bacteria, and mold growth. At Dirty Turf, each cleaning service includes deodorizing, deep cleaning, three different spray treatments, debris removal, and turf re-blooming. Even turf that doesn’t receive heavy foot traffic can be prone to matting due to fallen leaves, sticks, and other debris if left too long. A re-blooming treatment will freshen up your lawn and restore it to that just-installed look that you know and love.

Turf Lawn Maintenance Plans

At Dirty Turf, we offer two distinct maintenance plans for your turf lawn. Our deep cleaning service is the option that many businesses request on a regular basis. Deep cleaning service consists of a heavy enzyme treatment, power brooming, debris removal, deodorizing, and a cooling treatment. These services are provided by professional turf installers who understand how to work with artificial turf lawns. This is important since power brooming must be done right to be effective. Some companies will hire a third-party service to perform regular maintenance, but not Dirty Turf. We treat your lawn like our own with only the best technicians allowed to perform scheduled maintenance.

We also offer a heavy duty cleaning service. This is an incredibly deep clean that not only cleans the surface of your turf but gets down deep into the existing infill and quarter minus under the turf. You also receive the standard cleaning services that come with our regular deep cleaning service such as enzyme treatment, turf re-blooming, pet deodorizer, cooling treatment, sanitization, and more. We’ll even make sure the seams are well hidden so your turf has the appearance of a full, lush lawn. 

No matter what type of maintenance you need, Dirty Turf can set up a custom plan to keep your turf – and your business – looking its best!

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