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This piece will guide you on selecting the right professional service for maintaining your artificial turf. Cleaning artificial turf involves several crucial considerations, as an improper approach could risk voiding the labor and manufacturer warranties, damaging the turf itself or its base, among other potential issues. Given that you’ve made a significant investment in your turf, it’s essential to entrust its care to the right hands. Ultimately, the objective is to identify the most suitable company for the job.

Understanding Turf Installation

Before delving into the details of turf cleaning, it’s beneficial to grasp the basics of the installation process. In a nutshell, the installer begins by grading the area appropriately before adding a quarter-minus layer. Subsequently, the turf is nailed on top of this layer. After the turf installation, a specific type of sand is deliberately added to the turf as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, which provide precise measurements. Equipment such as power brooms or sweepers are employed to distribute this infill evenly and to fluff up the turf. The primary purpose of adding sand to your turf is to weight it down and ensure the grass blades remain upright. While the process has more intricacies, this provides a broad overview.

Installers Do Not Clean & Cleaners Do Not Install……???????

Why should you prioritize this knowledge? Consider the substantial investment you’ve made in beautifying your yard. The objective is to maintain its brand-new look, keep it odor-free and ensure the turf lasts for an extended period. Despite their expertise, professional cleaners mainly focus on superficial cleaning. Many lack a comprehensive understanding of the installation intricacies of artificial turf.

Do you really want to entrust your investment to someone who has merely dabbled in artificial turf and lacks experience with the necessary installation tools required for comprehensive turf cleaning? Without a grasp of how the infill functions, or the ability to identify the current type and volume of infill in your turf and adjust it to match manufacturer specifications, can they truly offer thorough service?

Moreover, while installers are experts in turf installation, repairs, and managing infill, they might not possess the knowledge of appropriate chemicals to eliminate odors, conduct deep cleaning, or clean the sand within the turf.

This is why, when it comes to hiring a professional for turf cleaning, it’s highly recommended to choose a company proficient in both installation and maintenance. By choosing experts in the full spectrum of artificial turf installation, cleaning and overall management, you ensure the best care for your investment and guarantee that your turf continues to add value and beauty to your home for many years.

Why Risk It? The Benefits of Hiring Trained Professionals for Your Turf Maintenance

Despite the common misconception, artificial turf, often seen as a form of outdoor carpet, requires a far more intricate cleaning process than regular carpets. Unless you have been professionally trained in installation, it’s not recommended that you attempt to clean the turf yourself. Just like the installation process, proper cleaning of artificial grass involves the use of specialized tools and techniques, which might not be familiar to the average homeowner or even other cleaners. There are countless factors to consider, making it a task best left to trained professionals. Therefore, to protect your investment and ensure its long-term health and appearance, it’s advisable to hire experts who are well-versed in both installation and maintenance of artificial turf.


  • Types of turf
  • Types of infill
  • Quarter minus
  • How warranties work
  • How much infill to put in
  • What infill is already installed in turf
  • The direction the turf in installed
  • The different types of seams
  • What chemicals to use to not damage turf
  • Making sure the quarter minus doesn’t collapse
  • Infill distribution
  • Existing infill redistribution
  • Degradation
  • Burns and melted areas
  • Knowing the different types of seams
  • Are seams pinned or glued down
  • Handling split seams
  • Unpinned turf
  • How much infill to add
  • Flat turf
  • so much more…

Attempting to clean artificial turf without proper training in its installation can lead to more harm than good. Cleaning professionals who aren’t familiar with the complexities of artificial turf could potentially compromise its condition. This is why it’s crucial to rely on professionals who not only have the requisite knowledge of turf installation but are also expert cleaners.

The ideal choice isn’t a beginner, but a seasoned professional who is well-equipped with the necessary tools and has garnered years of hands-on experience. Such an expert would not only deliver high-quality cleaning services but also ensure it’s done correctly on the first try, saving you from potential damage or costly repeat jobs. Trust your turf maintenance to those who truly understand its unique needs, and rest assured in the knowledge that your investment is in safe and experienced hands.

EXPLAINER ON Essential Cleaning Equipment: From Power Brooms and Pressure Washers to Advanced Cleaning Machines

Remember the substantial investment you’ve made in your artificial turf? It’s only natural that you wish for it to retain its prime condition for as long as possible. The tools utilized for its upkeep and cleaning play a crucial role in achieving this objective. Using poor quality tools not only risks impairing your turf, reducing its lifespan, but also fails to deliver a thorough cleaning. Therefore, to ensure your turf’s long-term durability, aesthetics, and cleanliness, choosing high-grade maintenance and cleaning tools is an absolute necessity. The quality of your tools can make a significant difference in preserving the beauty and longevity of your investment.

Many Types of Powerbrooms, So Which One is Best For My Turf?’

A power broom is a specialized tool used primarily for the install of artificial turf and now cleaning turf. It employs rotating bristles to effectively distribute infill, fluff the grass blades, and remove debris, ensuring the turf maintains an optimal appearance.

Install power brooms are regarded as the premier power brooms globally. They feature large, powerful brushes, which some believe to be too abrasive for synthetic grass. While there’s some truth to this, it’s essential to note that these power brooms are unmatched when it comes to removing deeply embedded debris from your turf. They are indeed intense, but only become harmful if excessively used. Hence, in skilled hands, Install power brooms can help maintain your turf’s pristine condition like no other tool can. Their efficacy and performance are beyond compare.

Power brooms that resemble lawnmowers might seem like an attractive idea due to their design and apparent convenience. However, their efficiency in removing debris and lifting grass blades is rather limited and they require a considerable amount of time to clean turf effectively. They might serve well for a do-it-yourself project, but they aren’t designed for professional use. For instance, we once experimented with one such model and quickly concluded it fell short of professional standards. If a professional turf cleaning company resorts to such equipment, it’s akin to a carpet cleaner using a basic Rug Doctor for a commercial job – it simply won’t yield the desired results. Therefore, for a truly thorough clean, insist on a company that utilizes professional-grade equipment.

Pressure Washers Vs. Truck Mounted Cleaning Systems

When it comes to deep-cleaning and thoroughly rinsing your artificial turf, the importance of choosing the right machinery can’t be overstated. Carpet cleaners, tile cleaners, and professional cleaning companies typically rely on truck mounts. If you’re unfamiliar with these, they are high-powered cleaning machines located in vehicles parked near your home, with hoses running to the areas requiring cleaning. These machines dwarf the capabilities of pressure washers.

While some turf cleaners opt for pressure washers, introducing cleaning solutions into their tanks, these machines have inherent limitations. They lack the ability to accurately control chemical ratios or fine-tune the spray patterns. In contrast, you’d never see a carpet or tile cleaner using a pressure washer due to these drawbacks.

Truck mounts, on the other hand, are designed to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks. They come with controllable spray patterns, heat settings, powerful vacuum capabilities, and specialized attachments. So, ask yourself: would you rather trust your turf’s cleanliness to a pressure washer bought from a home improvement store or an online marketplace? Or would you prefer a professional-grade cleaning machine with a suite of controls to ensure your turf is cleaned effectively and safely? The answer becomes clear when considering the long-term health and appearance of your turf.

Infill in Artificial Grass

Understanding the installation process of artificial turf is crucial, particularly when it comes to the part that involves adding infill or sand directly into the turf. Already, your turf is filled with a specified amount of infill based on the manufacturer’s guidelines. If your turf does not maintain this specified amount, a host of issues can arise, or if the inspection is not done correctly, you may face unforeseen problems.

This is why knowing how to install turf properly is so important. It ensures that the infill in your turf is kept at the optimal level, thus maintaining the integrity of the artificial turf. Your investment deserves to be safeguarded by professionals who understand the importance of these specifications and can skillfully maintain them. Trusting such tasks to anyone less knowledgeable can risk the health and longevity of your turf.

  • Lose manufacturers warranty
  • Turf will not last
  • Turf will permanently flatten out
  • Over infill will be like walking on a sandbox
  • Over infill will tear the turf blades
  • What type of infill is in there now=
  • How much is in there
  • How much needs to be added to meet manufacturers requirements
  • The wrong infill
  • Hot infill
  • Bad infill

When it comes to assessing and installing the correct amount of infill in your artificial turf, there’s no one better equipped than a professional installer. Cleaners, despite their expertise, are more focused on the cleaning aspect and might resort to guesswork in this matter. Therefore, it’s highly beneficial to engage a turf installer who can precisely measure the existing infill and carry out the necessary adjustments. These professionals don’t just guess, they understand the technicalities and ensure your turf meets the exact manufacturer’s specifications. Thus, for an accurate and efficient infill installation and inspection, choosing an installer over a mere cleaner is the wise decision to protect your investment.

Getting Rid of Odors and Chemistry

Professional cleaning experience is absolutely vital when it comes to effectively eliminating odors from your artificial turf. Those with a background in cleaning carpets, area rugs, tile, grout, and restoration bring with them years of expertise and proven methods to tackle and remove odors.Unfortunately, 99% of cleaners resort to using garden hose attachments or pressure washers in an attempt to eliminate turf odors. It’s crucial to realize that you’d never witness a seasoned carpet cleaner employing a garden hose for their task. This is because they understand that professional cleaning requires professional tools.

Experienced cleaners prefer to use truck-mounted cleaning machines for their tasks. You’ve probably seen these setups where a pro parks outside your home and runs hoses to the area needing cleaning. These are the same high-powered machines that experienced turf cleaners use to efficiently cleanse your artificial turf and eradicate those unpleasant odors.

So, don’t settle for a basic cleaning approach when it comes to your turf. Opt for professionals who bring their expertise and top-tier equipment to deliver a truly deep clean and fresh, odor-free.

Spraying/Flushing Turf Vs. Extractions for Odor Removal

Across the nation, countless companies claim to effectively remove urine from artificial turf by spraying it. While some may achieve temporary success, it’s important to understand that the urine residue often remains within your turf. Draw a parallel to carpet cleaning; professional carpet cleaners don’t just dissipate the odor, they extract and eradicate all traces of urine. Your artificial turf deserves the same level of comprehensive treatment.

By merely masking and spraying the odor, the problem isn’t truly solved. The smells can swiftly return, and the presence of bacteria within your turf continues, posing potential health hazards. Hence, it’s critical that the urine is fully extracted and pulled out from your turf, rather than leaving it there.

Among all the turf cleaning companies in Arizona, Dirty Turf stands out for its meticulous approach. We don’t just mask or spray for odors; we go a step further to fully extract and eliminate urine. This ensures a more hygienic, safer, and fresher turf, providing not just a cleaner lawn, but also long-lasting peace of mind.

Other Things To Know When it Comes to Cleaning Artificial Turf

Beyond merely eliminating odors and employing power brooms, there’s a myriad of other factors to consider in turf maintenance. Ensure your cleaner addresses issues like black mold, fungus, and mildew, all of which can compromise the health of your turf and the environment.

Additionally, the application of antiparasitics is essential, especially to prevent diseases that can affect pets. Conditions like athlete’s foot and ringworm should also be prevented.

The cleaning process for artificial turf should be thorough, with products reaching all the way down to the quarter minus layer of the turf and even beyond. This complete penetration guarantees a comprehensive clean, not just on the surface but deep within the structure of the turf.

Remember, only a professional cleaner with a comprehensive understanding of these processes can effectively cater to all these needs. Entrust your turf to someone who won’t simply clean it, but will also take every necessary step to ensure its overall health and longevity.

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