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Complete Artificial Turf Care


The main reason people clean their artificial turf is to remove pet odors. You’ve invested tons of money in to making your yard look beautiful just for your fur babies to use it as their potty and make it smell. We understand the frustration especially since the odor will not go away. You’ve also probably spent tons of money trying to remove the smells yourself by screwing a bottle on a garden hose or using a pressure washer hoping it will take care of the problem, but it doesn’t. This is where Dirty Turf comes in. We guarantee complete pet odor removal from your artificial turf and stand by our service with an up to 55 day warranty. We have the latest and most advanced equipment on the market making our process the only one of its kind in the nation that properly cleans turf this way.

Quick Clean

$ ---

20 to 30 Day Smell Warranty / 1 Year Infill Warranty

The Quick Clean is comparable to the services offered by our competitors, however our equipment and cleaning solutions provide better and longer lasting results. Professional results require professional equipment! Garden hose sprayers, & pressure washer attachments won’t cut it.

Ideal for:

Move-Out Cleans



On a Budget

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Full Service CleanMost Popular

$ ---

30 to 40 Day Smell Warranty / 1 Year Infill Warranty / Includes Additional FREE Clean

The Full Service Clean encompasses a comprehensive range of solutions for every conceivable issue your synthetic grass might encounter. We’re continually innovating to stay ahead of the turf cleaning game! It’s no wonder this package is our top seller.

Ideal for:

Any Type of Turf Application

Moderate to Severe Smells

Fix Install Mistakes (Wrong Infill, Extreme Heat, Not Enough Infill, No UV Protection)

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Monthly Subscription

$ ---

Starting at Only $89.00/mo

This cleaning service, just like regular pest control or pool maintenance, as we diligently visit each month to guarantee that your turf remains consistently clean and rejuvenated. Additionally, our tools are designed to be gentle on your turf, ensuring no wear and tear occurs!.

Ideal for:

Any Type of Turf Application

Moderate to Extreme Cases

Fix Install Mistakes (Wrong Infill, Extreme Heat, Not Enough Infill, No UV Protection)

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Total AnnihilationProprietary Process

$ ---

NO SMELLS FOR 7 MONTHS / 1 Year Infill Warranty / Includes Additional FREE Clean

As it stands, Total Annihilation is unmatched in its intensity worldwide. We go beyond a thorough extraction; with our proprietary equipment we and product, we remove the old, contaminated infill and replenish it with fresh material. No other company on the globe offers this service. The best part is your turf will not smell for 7 MONTHS!!!


No Smells For Months

Strengthens Turf Blades, Thatch & Backing

Provides Sun Protection, Blocks UV Rays

Seals Turf Making It Hard For Stains

Prevents Calcium Build-Up

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Our Turf Cleaning Process

Dirty Turf offers the most sophisticated turf cleaning technology in Scottsdale!

All Pet Waste Removal

Upgrade your lawn into an immaculate, odor-free sanctuary. Our approach surpasses basic surface treatments; our top-quality product is expertly applied and then deeply extracted, ensuring the thorough elimination of urine, pet smells, vomit, and feces. This innovative technique distinguishes us, acknowledging that simple spraying is not the solution and does not work. Our specialized extraction process successfully eradicates every trace of pet fluids including urine, vomit, and loose stools maintaining your turf so its always clean and brand new.

Turf Rejuvenation

Crafted to maintain your lawn’s pristine and fresh appearance consistently. Our dedicated treatment guarantees that your turf’s blades stand tall, preserving the rich, lively look that it should. This approach significantly prolongs the life of your turf, surpassing the manufacturer’s expected duration. Envision the pride and joy of owning the neighborhood’s neatest, most welcoming lawn, day after day. Our service is devoted to turning that dream into a tangible experience, keeping your turf as an exquisite highlight of your residence.

Debris Removal & Disposal

Bid farewell to the trouble of  leaves, twigs, stones, buried dog feces, tree berries, bird droppings, dog fur, metallic items, and inadequate drainage on your turf. Allow us to lift this burden from you! Our service is tailor-made to clear your turf of every kind of debris. We have cutting-edge power brooms, coupled with a highly effective blow/vac system, designed to conquer the most stubborn obstacles. Our committed team takes pride in thoroughly sweeping away and discarding all undesired materials, ensuring your turf isn’t only spotless but also meticulously preserved for superior drainage and aesthetic appeal.

Pet Safe Products & Chemistry

At Dirty Turf, our dedication lies in providing solutions that are both pet-friendly and eco-conscious. Leveraging over three decades of cleaning prowess, we emphasize the need for both efficiency and eco-friendliness. Steering clear of generic, store-bought options that frequently fall short, we custom-blend our cleaning compounds on-site. This customized concoction guarantees that our solutions deeply infiltrate, targeting the turf’s very foundation for a complete clean. Our commitment goes beyond superficial spray only treatment; we aim for all-encompassing purity, from the top layer to the bottom. What’s more, our products are recognized for their pleasant scent and enduring impact, setting a new standard in the market.


Experience the superior cleaning prowess of our exclusive scrubbers and extraction system, meticulously engineered for artificial turf. Our breakthrough technology transcends mere odor removal; it surpasses any power broom on the market by intensively de-compacting your turf. Our scrubbers delve deep, agitating the infill and meticulously extracting every impurity. This method doesn’t just cleanse; it breathes new life into your artificial turf, promoting an extended lifespan and a consistently vibrant look. Additionally, our sophisticated system excels in removing all kinds of stains and calcium buildup, rendering your turf spotless and rejuvenated. Rely on our specialized technique for an exceptional clean that upholds the aesthetic and structural quality of your artificial turf.

Turf Maintenance

At Dirty Turf, we’re not just cleaning experts – we’re also seasoned professionals in turf installation and maintenance. Our deep understanding of turf enables us to maintain your turf in pristine condition. We meticulously check every aspect of your turf, from infill levels to the integrity of the base, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Our team pays close attention to seams, edges, and nails, along with monitoring for any signs of degradation. This comprehensive approach guarantees that your turf is always in its best form, enhancing its appearance and longevity. Trust in our expertise to keep your turf looking and performing exceptionally, reflecting our commitment to quality in every aspect of our service.

Our Turf Cleaning Equipment

Dirty Turf takes pride in pioneering turf care, employing cutting-edge, tested equipment and eco-safe products to deliver exceptional cleaning results for your artificial turf. Renowned nationwide, our state-of-the-art turf cleaning system stands unrivaled, ensuring your artificial turf will not only be fully cleaned, but will last longer than your manufacturers warranty.

Professional Truck Mounted Cleaning Equipment

While many turf cleaning services rely on basic garden hose attachments or standard pressure washers in their attempts to combat odors, true professionals understand the necessity of superior technology. Enter the truck-mounted cleaning system — a powerhouse of efficiency. These formidable machines aren’t just about strength; they bring heat, robust suction, and specialized tools to the table, ensuring a level of clean that goes beyond surface-level. They don’t just mask odors; they eradicate them, along with stubborn residues like loose feces, dog vomit, and bird droppings. With versatility to tackle any challenge and precision for every detail, truck-mounted cleaning systems stand unmatched in the industry. When it comes to maintaining pristine turf, nothing compares to the comprehensive capabilities of a truck-mounted system.

Types of Powerbrooms Used

At Dirty Turf, we harness the prowess of industry-leading powerbrooms, acclaimed globally and selected by top installation professionals for their unparalleled performance. These aren’t just ordinary tools; our powerbrooms are multifaceted marvels, adept at meticulously lifting grass blades, clearing away debris, and flawlessly distributing new infill throughout your turf.

While the decompaction feature of powerbrooms is widely celebrated, our arsenal includes even more sophisticated tools designed for this specific task. We understand that the art of turf maintenance demands precision; that’s why we opt for powerbrooms equipped with gentler brushes for regular cleaning, safeguarding your turf against potential damage from overuse.

Regarding the allure of powerbrooms with basket catchers for DIY projects, they simply cannot meet the professional cleaning prowess we promise at Dirty Turf. Such devices lack the robustness and efficacy needed for our exacting cleaning protocols. Our dedication lies in deploying top-tier, professional-grade equipment, assuring comprehensive care for your turf without compromising its integrity.

Our commitment transcends mere cleaning; it’s about providing unmatched service with tools that are a cut above the rest. This dedication to excellence and meticulous technique distinguishes our service, ensuring your turf not only looks exceptional but thrives under our care.

Pet Waste Removal

Numerous turf cleaning services opt for the superficial route, resorting to off-the-shelf sprays that merely disguise odors, rather than tackling the root cause. This approach is comparable to covering a wound without treating it – the underlying issue, often urine or similar contaminants, remains embedded in the turf fibers, merely hidden from immediate notice.

In stark contrast, professional cleaning goes beyond the surface. Employing robust truck-mounted systems complete with potent vacuums, true professionals dive deep into the turf structure, meticulously extracting every contaminant, including pet waste, from the depths of the fibers. These impurities are then securely contained in dump tanks, ensuring proper disposal away from your pristine turf.

Moreover, when faced with challenges like embedded dog feces, amateur sprays can mislead by pushing the problem further into the turf, under a guise of cleanliness. This doesn’t rectify the issue; it worsens it. Genuine cleanliness is not about masking but about complete removal. Professional cleaners understand this, employing extraction and thorough eradication as their modus operandi.

This meticulous approach to cleaning doesn’t just offer a surface-level solution; it guarantees that your turf is deep-cleaned, sanitized, and maintained to the highest standard. It’s not just about looking clean; it’s about embodying cleanliness through and through, a standard that only true professionals can provide.

Lifting & Rejuvenating Your Turf Grass Blades

Artificial turf is inherently resilient, yet it isn’t invincible against the cumulative effects of constant use, pet activities, the strain of heavy objects, or the lapses in regular upkeep. These elements can lead to your turf’s blades losing their upright position, pressing down into a flattened state that, if neglected, may lead to irreversible turf damage. A disregarded turf quickly loses its visual charm and functional longevity, transforming into a breeding ground for unwanted dirt and residue.

This is where Dirty Turf steps in, merging extensive knowledge in turf installation with unrivaled proficiency in professional cleaning. Our dedicated team is perfectly equipped with the necessary skills and cutting-edge tools to restore your artificial turf to its prime condition. We don’t just maintain; we revitalize, ensuring each blade of your turf stands proudly, displaying its inherent, vibrant green lushness.

Choosing Dirty Turf’s meticulous care means opting for a legacy of excellence in turf maintenance. Our commitment goes beyond mere cleaning; it’s about ensuring that your turf remains as welcoming and visually appealing as the first day it was laid out. With Dirty Turf, you’re not just maintaining a surface; you’re investing in the prolonged beauty and durability of your space, securing a lush, clean, and vibrant environment for the future.

Chemisty/Product Mixing/Pet, Child & Turf Safe Products

In the world of professional cleaning, be it revitalizing turf or sprucing up any other surface, there’s a secret ingredient – a deep-rooted understanding of chemistry and the art of blending the perfect product mixtures. The true masters of the cleaning craft are well-equipped to navigate a diverse array of challenges. From the routine sprucing up tasks to more daunting ones like neutralizing stubborn pet odors or meticulously clearing crime scene remnants, their expertise shines. It’s a field where chemistry reigns supreme, not merely for banishing dirt and odors but for achieving this flawlessly and harmlessly, preserving the sanctity of the surfaces under care.

At Dirty Turf, our approach is cut from a different. We understand that tough challenges, like the intense pet urine scenarios, demand different solutions. That’s why our cleaning mixtures aren’t pre-made;  we mix our solutions at the job site. This tailored tactic doesn’t just scratch the surface; it delves deep, ensuring that odors, bacteria, and all other unwelcome guests are not just diminished but fully eradicated from the get-go.

What truly distinguishes a team of genuine professionals is their proficiency in applying the perfect chemistry to every unique cleaning mission. We take immense pride in our deep-rooted knowledge, promising and delivering a cleaning service that doesn’t just meet but soars above the highest industry standards. With us, excellence isn’t just an aim; it’s a guarantee.

Extraction Machines & Equipment

Our exclusive extraction system, engineered for artificial turf, is unrivaled as the world’s premier turf cleaning solution. Exclusive to Dirty Turf, this innovative machinery is the culmination of specialized enhancements and breakthroughs, crafted with the unique intricacies of artificial turf upkeep in mind.

The standard in the industry often stops at basic, push-behind extractors equipped with spinning brushes similar to powerbrooms. These machines merely clean the surface of the turf, and fail to penetrate the deeper, more challenging layers where infill and contaminants tend to lie. Our extractor and scrubber system is a testament to precision engineering, designed to burrow deep into of the turf, ensuring a clean, from the tip of the grass blades to the turf’s backing.

But our machine doesn’t stop at cleaning. It vigorously agitates the infill, rigorously decompacting it – whether it’s urine, liquid feces, vomit, or the most elusive debris that conventional powerbrooms simply can’t reach. Uniquely, our extractor also possesses the capability to remove infill if needed, a system no others can do. It’s about preserving the turf’s innate quality and prolonging its life.

Choosing Dirty Turf means opting for more than just a cleaning service. It’s about embracing the most all-encompassing turf care solution on the market, ensuring that your turf isn’t just cleaned but thoroughly revitalized and protected. With Dirty Turf, prepare to redefine your expectations of what a clean truly entails.

Odor/Vomit/Loose Stool Detection

With over 30 years of professional cleaning expertise, Dirty Turf stands at the forefront of the industry, having mastered the art of cleaning everything from carpets and tile grout to various soils. When it comes to artificial turf, our expertise is particularly evident. We don’t just clean; we conduct a thorough analysis to pinpoint the exact areas where your dog urinates, defecates, or vomits. This targeted approach allows us to determine the precise quantity and concentration of our product mix, ensuring that we effectively eliminate all odors and bacteria. This meticulous attention to detail is what sets Dirty Turf apart as the premier choice for turf cleaning. We understand that each turf area has its unique challenges, and we address them with a custom-tailored strategy, backed by decades of experience and a deep understanding of cleaning chemistry. Choosing Dirty Turf means entrusting your artificial turf to experts who are committed to delivering a truly clean and hygienic outdoor space, enhancing both its appearance and longevity. Let us show you why our approach makes all the difference in turf maintenance.

Scottsdale, Arizona: A Desert Playground of Elegance and Adventure

Welcome to Scottsdale, Arizona, where the desert meets luxury, and every day is an invitation to explore, indulge, and enjoy. This isn’t just a city; it’s a lifestyle, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, sophisticated living, and adventurous spirit.

A Tapestry of Communities

Scottsdale is more than its sun-kissed skies and breathtaking landscapes; it’s a collection of communities, each with its unique charm and character. Let’s embark on a journey through some of these vibrant neighborhoods:

  • Old Town Scottsdale: Step into the heart of Scottsdale’s heritage, where the Old West meets contemporary chic. With its art galleries, boutiques, and buzzing nightlife, Old Town is where history dances in the streets and every corner tells a story.
  • Gainey Ranch: Imagine a tranquil oasis set amidst lush greenery and serene lakes. Gainey Ranch is luxury living at its finest, offering elegant homes, top-notch golf courses, and exclusive shopping experiences.
  • McCormick Ranch: A pioneer in resort-style living, McCormick Ranch is a community where greenbelts, lakes, and bike paths invite residents to connect with nature and each other in a picturesque setting.
  • DC Ranch: Nestled at the foot of the McDowell Mountains, DC Ranch is a blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication. It’s a place where community comes first, offering a vibrant social scene, beautiful homes, and endless recreational activities.
  • Troon North: Adventure awaits in Troon North, where the rugged beauty of the Arizona desert is your backyard. Known for its world-class golf and stunning natural landscapes, this community offers an escape into nature without sacrificing luxury.

The Spirit of Scottsdale

Scottsdale is a playground for the senses. From the culinary delights of renowned restaurants to the exhilarating hikes through the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, there’s always something to stir your soul. The city’s thriving arts scene, from the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art to the numerous galleries, offers a feast for the eyes and mind.

As the sun sets, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink, the city comes alive with a different energy. The vibrant nightlife, from chic lounges to lively bars, beckons with the promise of memorable moments.

Where Every Day is an Adventure

In Scottsdale, every day is an opportunity to discover something new. Whether it’s finding the perfect piece of art in Old Town, enjoying a leisurely round of golf in Gainey Ranch, exploring the natural beauty of Troon North, or simply soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of McCormick Ranch, Scottsdale offers a myriad of experiences.

So, pack your bags (and don’t forget your golf clubs and hiking shoes) and dive into the adventure that is Scottsdale, Arizona. Whether you’re seeking tranquility, adventure, or a taste of luxury, Scottsdale welcomes you with open arms and a promise: here, life is anything but ordinary.





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Dirty Turf is the Southwest’s top rated artificial turf cleaning company with over 15 years experience with turf installation and 30 years cleaning experience. We offer full service turf cleaning, odor removal and turf maintenance solutions that are affordable with no contracts. Our cleaning products completely remove any and all odor, disinfect and sanitize your turf without damaging your investment. Dirty Turf is the solution for turf care so you never have to deal with odors again.

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Dirty TurfExcellentDirty Turf5.0 Based on 354 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onAustin R.Austin R. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf is the most professional turf cleaning service in Arizona. We’ve used 2 different companies before and it did not work. Steve, the owner assured me they would get the smell out just one treatment. I was amazed at what these guys can do. They were on time and very fast which I loved. Hands down the best turf cleaning company in town. Highly recommended!KerryKerry ★★★★★ Dirty Turf is prompt, responsive and reasonable. My first experience didn’t give the exact outcome I wanted and they came back out - no questions asked - and completed a second service. Very happy with the results and especially the service!Bill A.Bill A. ★★★★★ Steve and his staff are great!! We have a fenced in dogrun that we have cleaned by DT every 3 months. They cam out today, and it looks like the turf I'd brand new. I highly recommend them.Shelly T.Shelly T. ★★★★★ I had dirty turf clean my backyard and it was John and Matt and they did amazing job. There’s no smells I would recommend them extremely highly recommended.Kristine B.Kristine B. ★★★★★ Steve and his company are AMAZING! They are quick to respond and do fantastic work! We have 3 dogs and you can’t smell a thing. VERY professional, friendly and leave your yard looking great! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!Bryan H.Bryan H. ★★★★★ I highly recommend their services. We had a pet parasite issue, and the issue on our manufactured grass was addressed and solved. Pets are parasite free now!! don’t bother looking around any further you have found your turf cleaners!Candace B.Candace B. ★★★★★ Reliable, fast service. Turf looks beautiful and stays fresh for months!Matthew T.Matthew T. ★★★★★ After trying various products to remove odors from our artificial turf without success, we were on the verge of removing it altogether. That's when we discovered that professional cleaning was an option. We contacted several turf cleaning services and ultimately chose Dirty Turf. It turned out to be the right decision, as they efficiently eliminated all the unpleasant smells!Alana A.Alana A. ★★★★★ Dirty turf is the best in the valley hands down! My turf looks and smells brand new. Steve will give you the best price and the guys work very quickly.Ashlee R.Ashlee R. ★★★★★ I have two dogs and a tree that drops a ton of seeds, so I was having a tough time keeping the turf clean on my own. Dirty Turf did a great job cleaning and restoring my back yard. They even got up the dirt that I spilled by my garden beds. The turf in my back yard looks and smells greatBrock H.Brock H. ★★★★★ Second time cleaning my Artificial Grass. Quick, painless and super friendly. and fantastic job! Referring to friends and family!Ryan S.Ryan S. ★★★★★ Super thorough, high quality job. Fast and easy got our turf set up perfectly.Summer H.Summer H. ★★★★★ After researching all turf cleaning companies, we found Dirty Turf is the most qualified. Very friendly, and loved playing with our dogs. 3 of them showed up and I couldn’t believe how fast they are. Highly recommend to anyone who needs their turf cleaned. My turf does not smell at all and it’s been over a month!!!!JonJon ★★★★★ Best turf cleaner. First time with turf and having some clean it to look new is awesome. Dirty Turf did amazing job.Rebekah T.Rebekah T. ★★★★★ Thanks to Dirty Turf, I can now sit in my backyard and enjoy it! Great results!Sabrina O.Sabrina O. ★★★★★ We are absolutely thrilled with the way our turf looks, feels and smells! We have three dogs and have tried everything, we have finally found the solution DIRTY TURFDiane C.Diane C. ★★★★★ Scheduling was easy. I was kept informed as to timing. John and his coworker were professional and friendly!Byron W.Byron W. ★★★★★ Process was much quicker that I thought; turf looks like new and smell is gone.Jacklyn W.Jacklyn W. ★★★★★ Sent an email a week ago and still no response! But at 5 this morning a got a response and we are scheduling! Thanks Steve! I wished I had picked up the phone and called before posting the review.Jared C.Jared C. ★★★★★ Highly recommend! We have never had our turf professionally cleaned since we got it installed 5 years ago. Not only does it look brand new but the smell of pet odor/urine is GONE. I was able to put my face next to it and not even a hint of smell! I cannot recommend this company enough! Communication was wonderful, the technicians were very polite and let me know when they arrived, even asking permission to enter the backyard. When they were finished they let me know and made sure I knew it was safe for our pets to go back outside. 10/10 recommend to anyone with turf!Alec D.Alec D. ★★★★★ Steve did a great job cleaning my travertine and turf! The attention to detail and technology used immediately removed stains from my travertine and also any pet odors from my turf. I am very happy that I switched my previous service to DirtyTurf!Celeste R.Celeste R. ★★★★★ The owner and his crew were extremely helpful and professional. We were pleased they took the time to not only clean our turf but were able to offer a 2nd opinion and recommendations for future turf projects we have in mind. Will definitely use this company again and would highly recommend.Gianna L.Gianna L. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf was great! I have 4 dogs so my turf had a really strong urine smell after 6 months of living in my house, I researched so many companies and ended up choosing Dirty Turf because of the products they use and how their process works and they have different tools that most other people don’t. They were the only ones who could do extractions to get the smell out. The turf turned out great, no more urine smell, they worked very quick and efficiently, and even added a special pet infill to help with any smell. I highly recommend them to anyone needing turf cleaning and will definitely be using them everytime my turf needs a recleanM WM W ★★★★★ Top notch service. Less expensive than all of the other artificial turf services around here. 1000 square feet and three dogs, haven’t cleaned it in a year, smell is completely gone. To put it in perspective, other places wanted to charge $1 per square foot but offer a couple of discounts to bring a $1000 bill down to $700-800 for this job of 1000 square feet. Dirty turf said it’s $564 and they did a killer job. I’m having them come out again later this year. No wonder they have all those 5 star reviews.Thomas R.Thomas R. ★★★★★ Quick and easy experience. Job well done! Highly recommend the service for odors that won’t go away.Danielle S.Danielle S. ★★★★★ We are very pleased with the cleaning the Dirty Turf team provides. They are on time, efficient and are always a pleasure to work with. I definitely recommend their services especially if you have pets. It feels like a new yard everytime they leave.Denise L.Denise L. ★★★★★ Excellent customer service they did an amazing Job recommend 100%Evan S.Evan S. ★★★★★ Steve and the team were top notch. I will definitely be calling them back in 6 months to clean it again.Bob T.Bob T. ★★★★★ They did a great job bringing my turf back to life. Highly recommend Steve and his company.Mandi B.Mandi B. ★★★★★ I have been using their cleaning services for some time now, I have two large dogs and after cleaning the dog smells are completely gone and the grass look brand new. I would highly recommend Dirty Turf.Laura B.Laura B. ★★★★★ I have three miniature schnauzers who pretty much run the yard and also dominated the AstroTurf. I was worried we were becoming the house with the smelly yard ! I found Steve on google and he talked me through the interesting process of the clean. Explained the cleaning materials are safe so I got off the call feeling confident and comfortable. After Steve cleaned the turf it literally looked brand new and smelt amazing! He absolutely went above and beyond. I really Appreciate his thoroughness and customer care. Hands down would recommend this service 10 out of 10.austyn D.austyn D. ★★★★★ Steve and his team did a wonderful job. They were quick and cleaned my turf very well. It looks brand new! Will be using this service again.Cameron S.Cameron S. ★★★★★ Amazing job, my turf looks brand new. 10/10 recommend these guys over anyone elseMatt H.Matt H. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf made our turf look as good as new. Very happy we went with them.John S.John S. ★★★★★ Steve has cleaned our grass three times over the past few years. He always does great work with excellent customer service and communication. Definitely plan to continue using Dirty Turf to keep our yard looking and smelling new.Kevin W.Kevin W. ★★★★★ Absolutely great service. No smells, turf looks brand new. Definitely will call for future serviceAmber C.Amber C. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. I would 100% recommended them for your turf cleaning needs. My yard looks and smells better than new 👍Jennifer M.Jennifer M. ★★★★★ Cleaned our turf beautifully, all in support of Basha Softball! Thanks so much!Jen MartinezBasha Softball BoostersAmber B.Amber B. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf did an amazing job with our bullpen. The turf seemed beyond its days and they made it look brand new! Thank you Dirty Turf!!Chad P.Chad P. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf did a great job on the turf in the batting cage at Basha High School. This turf had never been cleaned and was several years old. They really brought it back to life. They worked fast and we are extremely happy with the results! Highly recommended.Michael Z.Michael Z. ★★★★★ The entire team of Dirty Turf is incredible! They turned our backyard into brand new again, and we can finally sit outside and enjoy the weather!!JUSTIN J.JUSTIN J. ★★★★★ They made my grass look amaizing, very professional, very timely and my dogs love it!!Autumn G.Autumn G. ★★★★★ Thank you for cleaning up our Dirty Turf! The boys and dogs are enjoying our time out in the yard.Matthew W.Matthew W. ★★★★★ Great service, exceptional resultsMarty S.Marty S. ★★★★★ They provide a great service, at a reasonable price. We were extremely pleased with the outcome. Thank You!Brianna A.Brianna A. ★★★★★ I'm so impressed with Dirty Turf! We have three dogs, and our turf had developed a strong odor. Dirty Turf came and thoroughly cleaned it, paying close attention to every detail. The turf now looks even better than when it was first installed. Steve and his team are incredibly pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Dirty Turf for their excellent service.chris G.chris G. ★★★★★ Those guys are awesome, just wow causeI didn't think my turf would even turn out this good! It's smells great too. They were on time, ready to work very fast. Very friendly too.I signed up on their monthly plan.Brian H.Brian H. ★★★★★ DirtyTurf did any amazing job getting my turf back to like new condition. Highly recommend, they stand behind their work 100%Nicholas B.Nicholas B. ★★★★★ I rarely write reviews, but after the phenomenal experience with Dirty Turf, I felt compelled to share my thoughts. We recently had our turf cleaned by their team, and I must say, the transformation was nothing short of remarkable.From the get-go, their customer service was top-notch – friendly, informative, and genuinely eager to meet our needs. The crew arrived right on schedule, equipped and ready to tackle the job. What impressed me most was their attention to detail. They didn't just clean; they meticulously revitalized every inch of our turf, breathing new life into it.The results? Our turf looks as vibrant and inviting as the day it was installed. It's not just clean; it's rejuvenated. The difference is night and day, and our neighbors have already made compliments about how great it looks.What's more, Dirty Turf uses eco-friendly products, which is a huge plus for us. We love knowing that our beautiful turf isn’t just visually appealing but also kind to the environment.I cannot recommend Dirty Turf enough. If you're looking for professional, efficient, and outstanding turf cleaning services, these are the folks to call. They've earned a loyal customer in me and I will definitely be using their services again in the future. Thanks, Dirty Turf, for your exceptional work!js_loader

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