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We’ve meticulously designed this plan with your turf’s health and freshness in mind, ensuring it remains clean, odor-free and new every single month at all times. We maintain your turf precisely to installation specifications. Our state-of-the-art tools are specially engineered to clean without causing any wear and tear to your turf. This plan isn’t just a cleaning service; it’s our commitment to you preserving the pristine condition of your turf month after month.

How It Works - Turf Cleaning Subscription Details

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Since we specialize in artificial turf installation, our inspection process differs from that of a cleaner. Instead, it aligns more closely with the standards of the professionally trained installers and the Registrar of Contractors (ROC). Our initial evaluation focuses on the overall quality of the installation and the condition of the turf. We also work closely with all turf manufacturers.

  • Seams; Showing, Separation, Glued, etc.
  • How Your Turf is Pinned Down
  • Layout Direction
  • Weed Barrier
  • Infill Levels & Type
  • Base Quality

Our Full Service Turf Clean Every 3 Months

Every Month In-between:
Odor Removal
Odor Prevention
UV Treatment
Debris Removal


Truck Mounted Machinery & Equipment
Commercial Grade Urine Annihilator Enzyme ™
Fungis, Algae, Mold Prevention/Removal
De-Compact Turf
Improve Drainage
Unclogg Turf Backing
Bacteria Removal
Turf Scrubbing
Urine Extraction on Effected Areas
Existing Infill Cleaning
Redistribution of Existing Infill
Quarter Minus Cleaning/Weed Barrier Cleaning
Turf Re-Blooming By Our Turf Installers
Industry Required Pet Infill
Decontamination Flush
Cooling Technology Application (Keeps Grass Cool) up to 80%
Debris Removal & Disposal
Enzyme Reactivation
Enzyme Bonding
Hide Turf Seams
UV Treatment

As installers ourselves, we are well-versed in the specifics of your installation and the manufacturer’s warranty. It’s our responsibility to ensure that everything remains in top condition. It’s important to note that your warranty information specifies that the use of chemicals or cleaners on artificial turf can lead to voiding the warranty. At Dirty Turf, we collaborate closely with installation companies, suppliers, and manufacturers to not only safeguard your warranty but also to establish ourselves as the preferred choice for cleaning your turf.

Following each turf cleaning, our highly skilled technician will present you with a comprehensive inspection report. This report will offer insights into the overall health of your turf, the quality of the installation, the locations of any odor-prone areas, the levels of infill, and more.

This urine removal product is unparalleled worldwide. We’re so sure of its effectiveness that we offer a money-back guarantee if we fail to eliminate your pet’s  odors.

Removal Of All Pet Waste

Transform your lawn into a spotless, odor-free sanctuary. We go beyond mere surface spraying; our high-grade product is not just applied but thoroughly extracted, ensuring complete removal of urine, pet odors, vomit and feces. This advanced approach sets us apart, as we understand that spraying alone isn’t enough. Our extraction method effectively eliminates all traces of pet fluids, leaving your turf immaculately clean and hygienic at all time. See descriptions below.

Turf Rejuvenation/Lift Grass Blades

Designed to keep your lawn looking immaculate and brand new at all times. Our specialized care ensures that the grass blades of your turf are always upright, maintaining that lush, vibrant appearance that makes your yard stand out. This extends its lifespan well beyond the manufacturer’s estimated timeline. Imagine the pride and satisfaction of having the cleanest, most inviting turf in the neighborhood, consistently. Our service is committed to making that vision a reality, ensuring your turf remains a stunning feature of your home.

Debris Removal/Powerbrooming

Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with leaves, sticks, rocks, stuck dog feces, tree berries, pigeon droppings, dog hair, metal objects, and poor drainage in your turf. Let us take this burden off your shoulders! Our service is specifically designed to eliminate all types of debris from your turf. We use state-of-the-art power brooms equipped with an efficient blow/vac system, capable of tackling even the toughest challenges. Our team is dedicated to meticulously brushing out and disposing of all unwanted elements, ensuring your turf is not just clean but also well-maintained for optimal drainage and appearance.

Chemistry/Pet Safe Products

At Dirty Turf, we’re committed to using products that are safe for both pets and the environment. With over 30 years of cleaning expertise, we understand the importance of effective and sustainable solutions. Unlike off-the-shelf, ready-to-use products that often underperform, we meticulously mix our cleaning agents right on site. This tailored approach ensures our products penetrate deeply, reaching the base of the turf for a thorough clean. We don’t just address surface issues; we ensure comprehensive cleanliness from top to bottom. Additionally, our products are known for their delightful fragrance and long-lasting effects, outperforming any other product in the market.


Discover the unmatched efficiency of our proprietary scrubbers and extraction system, designed specifically for artificial turf. Our innovative technology does more than just eliminate odors; it outperforms any power broom in the market by deeply de-compacting your turf. Our scrubbers expertly burrow far into the turf, loosening infill and thoroughly removing all contaminants. This process not only cleans but rejuvenates your artificial turf, ensuring a longer lifespan and a consistently fresh appearance. Moreover, our advanced system is highly effective in eradicating all types of stains and calcium deposits, leaving your turf immaculate and revitalized. Trust in our specialized approach for a superior clean that maintains the beauty and integrity of your artificial turf.

Turf Maintenance

At Dirty Turf, we’re not just cleaning experts – we’re also seasoned professionals in turf installation and maintenance. Our deep understanding of turf dynamics enables us to maintain your turf in pristine condition. We meticulously check every aspect of your turf, from infill levels to the integrity of the base, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Our team pays close attention to seams, edges, and nails, along with monitoring for any signs of degradation. This comprehensive approach guarantees that your turf is always in its best form, enhancing its appearance and longevity. Trust in our expertise to keep your turf looking and performing exceptionally, reflecting our commitment to quality in every aspect of our service.

The Equipment We Use

Top Of The Line Truck Mounted Cleaning Machines

Truck-mounted cleaning systems are widely recognized as the gold standard in the cleaning industry, transcending beyond just synthetic grass care. These machines are versatile powerhouses, effectively used for cleaning carpets, tile, grout, rugs, and upholstery. Featuring large engines that deliver immense power, high heat, and robust vacuums, they are unrivaled in their efficiency and effectiveness.

When you opt for a truck-mounted cleaning service, the unit is conveniently parked in front of your home, mirroring the professionalism of top-tier cleaning services. The hoses are then extended directly to your yard, ensuring a thorough and deep clean. This method surpasses the capabilities of standard pressure washers, which, even when mounted on trucks, vans, or trailers, don’t match the comprehensive cleaning power of a true truck-mounted system. The term ‘truck mount’ is unique to the cleaning industry and signifies a level of performance that portable carpet cleaners or push-behind extractors simply cannot match. In summary, for a cleaning solution that leaves no stone unturned, a truck-mounted system is the unequivocal choice.

Powerbrooms We Use

The powerbrooms we utilize at Dirty Turf are the same high-caliber tools trusted by installation experts worldwide, recognized as the best in the industry. These multifunctional powerbrooms do more than just sweep; they simultaneously lift grass blades, remove debris, and ensure even distribution of new infill within the turf.

While powerbrooms are often praised for their decompaction abilities, we employ even more effective tools specifically designed for this purpose. Understanding the nuances of turf maintenance, we use specialized powerbrooms with softer brushes for more frequent cleaning sessions. This careful approach is crucial because overzealous powerbrooming can actually damage your turf. For those who clean their turf monthly or more, it’s vital to use the right powerbroom to prevent wear and tear.

Regarding powerbrooms with basket catchers, while they seem convenient for DIY efforts, they fall short in professional cleaning contexts. These machines simply don’t offer the power and efficiency required for the thorough cleaning standards we uphold at Dirty Turf. Our commitment is to use only the most effective, professional-grade equipment, ensuring that your turf receives the best possible care without the risk of damage. This commitment to quality tools and techniques is what sets our service apart, guaranteeing your turf remains in prime condition.

Removal Of Pet Waste

Many turf cleaning companies rely on a quick-fix approach, simply spraying your turf with ready-to-use solutions to mask odors. However, this method is akin to applying a bandaid on a deeper issue. When anything is sprayed, be it carpet, turf, or area rugs, the underlying problem – in this case, urine – remains trapped within the turf fibers.

In contrast, professional cleaners adopt a more thorough approach. They utilize truck-mounted systems equipped with powerful vacuums, specifically designed to extract all contaminants, including pet waste, from deep within the turf. This method effectively removes the waste, which is then stored in dump tanks for proper disposal. This is a critical distinction, as mere spraying can leave residues and odors lingering beneath the surface.

Furthermore, when it comes to dealing with stuck dog feces, superficial spraying by some companies may give the illusion of cleanliness, but it often just drives the waste deeper into the turf. This doesn’t solve the problem; it exacerbates it. True cleanliness requires removal, not just superficial treatment. For a genuinely clean and hygienic turf, extraction and thorough removal are essential, practices that are standard for professional cleaners. This level of detail in cleaning ensures that your turf is not just superficially clean, but deeply sanitized and well-maintained.

Turf Rejuvenation, Grass Blade Lift

Over time, artificial turf can succumb to wear and tear – be it from frequent foot traffic, pet activity, the weight of heavy objects, or simply a lack of maintenance. These factors can lead to the flattening of the turf blades, potentially causing permanent damage if left unattended. Neglected turf not only loses its aesthetic appeal but also its longevity, quickly becoming a haven for dirt and grime.

At Dirty Turf, we bring together a wealth of expertise in both installation and professional cleaning to address these issues head-on. Our team is equipped with the skills and tools to rejuvenate your turf, ensuring that the blades stand tall and retain their vibrant, lush green appearance. Regular care from Dirty Turf means that your artificial turf remains as inviting and appealing as the day it was installed. We’re committed to delivering a level of maintenance that not only preserves the beauty of your turf but also extends its lifespan, ensuring that your investment continues to enhance your space for years to come.

Chemisty/Product Mixing/Pet, Child & Turf Safe Products

Professional cleaning, whether it’s turf or any other surface, demands a deep understanding of chemistry and product mixtures. True professionals in the cleaning industry are equipped to handle a wide range of scenarios, from basic cleaning tasks to more severe situations like removing persistent pet odors or even tackling crime scene cleanups. Knowledge of chemistry is crucial in this field; it’s not just about removing dirt or odors, but doing so effectively and safely without causing damage to the surfaces being cleaned.

When you hire genuine professionals, you gain the confidence that you’re in capable hands, with experts who are committed to ensuring your needs are met with the utmost care and expertise. Unlike many turf cleaning companies that rely on ready-to-use products, which involve no specific chemical expertise and offer a one-size-fits-all solution, at Dirty Turf, we approach things differently.

We recognize that challenges like severe pet urine require a tailored approach. That’s why we mix our cleaning products on site, adjusting the strength and formulation to effectively tackle the specific issues at hand. This customized approach ensures that odors, bacteria, and other contaminants are removed thoroughly and efficiently the first time. The ability to understand and apply the right chemistry to each cleaning task is what sets a true professional team apart. At Dirty Turf, we pride ourselves on this level of knowledge and skill, ensuring that our clients receive the highest standard of cleaning service.

Odor/Vomit/Loose Stool Detection

With over 30 years of professional cleaning expertise, Dirty Turf stands at the forefront of the industry, having mastered the art of cleaning everything from carpets and tile grout to various soils. When it comes to artificial turf, our expertise is particularly evident. We don’t just clean; we conduct a thorough analysis to pinpoint the exact areas where your dog urinates, defecates, or vomits. This targeted approach allows us to determine the precise quantity and concentration of our product mix, ensuring that we effectively eliminate all odors and bacteria.

This meticulous attention to detail is what sets Dirty Turf apart as the premier choice for turf cleaning. We understand that each turf area has its unique challenges, and we address them with a custom-tailored strategy, backed by decades of experience and a deep understanding of cleaning chemistry. Choosing Dirty Turf means entrusting your artificial turf to experts who are committed to delivering a truly clean and hygienic outdoor space, enhancing both its appearance and longevity. Let us show you why our approach makes all the difference in turf maintenance.

Extraction Machines & Equipment

Our proprietary extraction system, specifically designed for artificial turf, stands as the most advanced turf cleaning extractor in the world. Unique to Dirty Turf, this machine is the result of specialized modifications and innovations, tailored precisely for the demands of artificial turf maintenance. While there are other extractors that can be used on artificial turf, none can match the comprehensive capabilities of our equipment.

Most turf cleaning companies rely on basic push-behind extractors with spinning brushes similar to powerbrooms. These conventional machines only clean the surface of the turf blades and the top layer of infill, lacking the ability to reach deeper layers or effectively decompact and lift debris embedded within the infill. In contrast, our advanced extractor and scrubber system is engineered to delve deep into the turf structure. It is meticulously designed to clean thoroughly from the grass blades down to the very base of the turf.

Our machine not only cleans but also agitates the infill, fully decompacting it and removing all forms of contaminants – from urine and liquid feces to vomit and debris unreachable by standard powerbrooms. Additionally, our extractor is uniquely capable of removing infill when necessary, a feature not found in typical turf cleaning equipment. This level of deep cleaning and functionality is what sets our extractor apart, ensuring your artificial turf is not just superficially cleaned but thoroughly rejuvenated, preserving its quality and extending its lifespan. With Dirty Turf, you’re not just getting a clean – you’re getting the most comprehensive turf care available.

Cleanest of the Clean Water

Using the purest form of clean & heated water to clean artificial turf or any surface is essential for several reasons, highlighting the importance of hygiene, effectiveness, and safety in cleaning practices:

  1. Removal of Germs and Pathogens: Clean water ensures that the cleaning process effectively removes dirt, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens from surfaces. Using contaminated water could spread more germs and potentially harmful bacteria, defeating the purpose of cleaning.
  2. Prevention of Disease: The use of clean water helps prevent the spread of infectious k-9 diseases. Turf cleaned with hose from a pressure washer or garden hose water could become breeding grounds for germs, leading to illness among inhabitants or users of the space.
  3. Chemical Interaction: Clean water is necessary to properly dilute and activate certain cleaning agents, ensuring they perform as intended. Contaminated water could react with cleaning chemicals unpredictably, potentially reducing their effectiveness or even creating harmful chemical reactions.
  4. Avoiding Residue: Cleaning with clean water helps avoid leaving behind residues that could attract dirt or become sticky, which happens when using dirty or contaminated water. Clean water ensures that surfaces are left pristine, without additional films or layers that could attract more dirt.
  5. Safety Concerns: Using clean water eliminates the risk of introducing toxic substances or contaminants present in dirty water onto surfaces where they could come into contact with skin or be ingested by pets and children.
  6. Aesthetic Reasons: Clean water is more likely to leave surfaces looking clean and streak-free, whereas dirty water can leave stains, marks, or a cloudy appearance.
  7. Preservation of Surfaces: Clean water, especially when used at the correct temperature and with appropriate cleaning agents, helps preserve the integrity and appearance of various surfaces, preventing damage that could be caused by contaminants in dirty water.

In summary, using clean water for cleaning is fundamental to achieving effective hygiene, ensuring the health and safety of people  & pets, and maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the cleaned surfaces.

Pheromones in Dog Urine

When dogs urinate, their urine contains pheromones and other chemical compounds that convey a range of information to other dogs. Pheromones are chemical signals that animals release to communicate with others of the same species. In dogs, urine is one of the primary means through which they communicate various types of information, including but not limited to:

  1. Territorial Claims: Dogs often use urine to mark their territory. The pheromones in their urine signal to other dogs that a territory is claimed and by whom.
  2. Social Information: The pheromones can convey information about the dog’s social status, age, health, and even mood. This helps other dogs understand more about the individual without direct interaction.
  3. Reproductive Status: For intact (non-neutered) dogs, urine can provide information about a female dog’s reproductive status, indicating when she is in heat and potentially ready to mate.
  4. Identity: Each dog’s urine contains a unique set of pheromones and chemical compounds that can help other dogs identify them, much like a scent fingerprint.

This chemical communication is a vital part of canine social behavior, allowing dogs to exchange information about themselves and their environment without needing to meet face to face. It’s one of the reasons dogs are often seen sniffing where other dogs have urinated, as they are gathering and processing this information.

This is precisely why, regarding artificial turf, dogs tend to urinate in the same spot. Our product’s exceptional purity and effectiveness erase all traces of their previous bathroom spots. The next time they need to go, they’ll be clueless about their prior chosen locations. It’s as though your turf remains perpetually untouched by urine, maintaining its pristine condition at all times.

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Dirty TurfExcellentDirty Turf5.0 Based on 332 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onDanielle S.Danielle S. ★★★★★ We are very pleased with the cleaning the Dirty Turf team provides. They are on time, efficient and are always a pleasure to work with. I definitely recommend their services especially if you have pets. It feels like a new yard everytime they leave.Denise L.Denise L. ★★★★★ Excellent customer service they did an amazing Job recommend 100%Evan S.Evan S. ★★★★★ Steve and the team were top notch. I will definitely be calling them back in 6 months to clean it again.Bob T.Bob T. ★★★★★ They did a great job bringing my turf back to life. Highly recommend Steve and his company.Mandi B.Mandi B. ★★★★★ I have been using their cleaning services for some time now, I have two large dogs and after cleaning the dog smells are completely gone and the grass look brand new. I would highly recommend Dirty Turf.Laura B.Laura B. ★★★★★ I have three miniature schnauzers who pretty much run the yard and also dominated the AstroTurf. I was worried we were becoming the house with the smelly yard ! I found Steve on google and he talked me through the interesting process of the clean. Explained the cleaning materials are safe so I got off the call feeling confident and comfortable. After Steve cleaned the turf it literally looked brand new and smelt amazing! He absolutely went above and beyond. I really Appreciate his thoroughness and customer care. Hands down would recommend this service 10 out of 10.austyn D.austyn D. ★★★★★ Steve and his team did a wonderful job. They were quick and cleaned my turf very well. It looks brand new! Will be using this service again.Cameron S.Cameron S. ★★★★★ Amazing job, my turf looks brand new. 10/10 recommend these guys over anyone elseMatt H.Matt H. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf made our turf look as good as new. Very happy we went with them.John S.John S. ★★★★★ Steve has cleaned our grass three times over the past few years. He always does great work with excellent customer service and communication. Definitely plan to continue using Dirty Turf to keep our yard looking and smelling new.Kevin W.Kevin W. ★★★★★ Absolutely great service. No smells, turf looks brand new. Definitely will call for future serviceAmber C.Amber C. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. I would 100% recommended them for your turf cleaning needs. My yard looks and smells better than new 👍Jennifer M.Jennifer M. ★★★★★ Cleaned our turf beautifully, all in support of Basha Softball! Thanks so much!Jen MartinezBasha Softball BoostersAmber B.Amber B. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf did an amazing job with our bullpen. The turf seemed beyond its days and they made it look brand new! Thank you Dirty Turf!!Chad P.Chad P. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf did a great job on the turf in the batting cage at Basha High School. This turf had never been cleaned and was several years old. They really brought it back to life. They worked fast and we are extremely happy with the results! Highly recommended.Michael Z.Michael Z. ★★★★★ The entire team of Dirty Turf is incredible! They turned our backyard into brand new again, and we can finally sit outside and enjoy the weather!!JUSTIN J.JUSTIN J. ★★★★★ They made my grass look amaizing, very professional, very timely and my dogs love it!!Autumn G.Autumn G. ★★★★★ Thank you for cleaning up our Dirty Turf! The boys and dogs are enjoying our time out in the yard.Matthew W.Matthew W. ★★★★★ Great service, exceptional resultsMarty S.Marty S. ★★★★★ They provide a great service, at a reasonable price. We were extremely pleased with the outcome. Thank You!Brianna A.Brianna A. ★★★★★ I'm so impressed with Dirty Turf! We have three dogs, and our turf had developed a strong odor. Dirty Turf came and thoroughly cleaned it, paying close attention to every detail. The turf now looks even better than when it was first installed. Steve and his team are incredibly pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Dirty Turf for their excellent service.chris G.chris G. ★★★★★ Those guys are awesome, just wow causeI didn't think my turf would even turn out this good! It's smells great too. They were on time, ready to work very fast. Very friendly too.I signed up on their monthly plan.Brian H.Brian H. ★★★★★ DirtyTurf did any amazing job getting my turf back to like new condition. Highly recommend, they stand behind their work 100%Nicholas B.Nicholas B. ★★★★★ I rarely write reviews, but after the phenomenal experience with Dirty Turf, I felt compelled to share my thoughts. We recently had our turf cleaned by their team, and I must say, the transformation was nothing short of remarkable.From the get-go, their customer service was top-notch – friendly, informative, and genuinely eager to meet our needs. The crew arrived right on schedule, equipped and ready to tackle the job. What impressed me most was their attention to detail. They didn't just clean; they meticulously revitalized every inch of our turf, breathing new life into it.The results? Our turf looks as vibrant and inviting as the day it was installed. It's not just clean; it's rejuvenated. The difference is night and day, and our neighbors have already made compliments about how great it looks.What's more, Dirty Turf uses eco-friendly products, which is a huge plus for us. We love knowing that our beautiful turf isn’t just visually appealing but also kind to the environment.I cannot recommend Dirty Turf enough. If you're looking for professional, efficient, and outstanding turf cleaning services, these are the folks to call. They've earned a loyal customer in me and I will definitely be using their services again in the future. Thanks, Dirty Turf, for your exceptional work!AC A.AC A. ★★★★★ I’ve never seen product like his work like this before. Top grade and hassle free!!!Jannine T.Jannine T. ★★★★★ Steve was great to work with. The turf looks absolutely amazing and smells great. We can definitely tell the difference.Ashley W.Ashley W. ★★★★★ This is the cleanest I’ve ever seen a patio. Especially from what it started at. Highly recommend!James P.James P. ★★★★★ My folks have artificial turf in there court yard where the dogs go potty. It’s a smaller patch, but the smell of urine can fill the courtyard, especially in the summer. Dirty Turf came out and provided cleaning for the turf and the smell is completely fresh and clean. Definitely recommend and plan on scheduling appointments for routine cleaning.Kellie K.Kellie K. ★★★★★ Outstanding service! Super happy with the way the turf looked and the odor was gone. Highly recommend!Yesenia G.Yesenia G. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf came out 3 weeks ago to clean our turf. They did such an amazing job. We signed up for their monthly service.Shelly T.Shelly T. ★★★★★ I had dirty turf clean my backyard and it was John and Matt and they did amazing job. There’s no smells I would recommend them extremely highly recommended.Carol S.Carol S. ★★★★★ I've been using Dirty Turf for several years and I don't know what I'd do without them! I have a very small area for my dog to use and it gets overwhelmingly smelly. I tried spraying it myself, but it never lasted and was a hassle. The method and the product Steve uses makes all the difference. My small area remains stink-free for weeks after each treatment. Over the years his company has grown with staff and he utilizes technology effectively for appointment reminders, payment etc. Additionally, Steve is a really a nice guy. I highly recommend him and his company.Kellie M.Kellie M. ★★★★★ Very happy, highly recommend! Especially if you have dogs.Kevin S.Kevin S. ★★★★★ WOW!!! Dirty Turf came out and cleaned my turf after 3 dogs have spent a year using it for their business. The crew was efficient, great communicators and did a phenomenal job. We love our backyard again. Highly recommend giving Dirty Turf a call when you need the job done right the first time!!!!Anna J.Anna J. ★★★★★ Really great customer service and they honor any deal or "Smell guarantee" that they say in the beginning. I have worked with a few different turf cleaning companies and dirty turf is hands down the best. The product actually works! Response time is very fast, and they truly do take pride in their work and what customers are saying or needing. I cannot say enough great things about them!KJ S.KJ S. ★★★★★ I needed a lot of help with my turf, it was so dirty from all of the pigeons that frequent our neighborhood (and my roof) that I didn't even want to go outside. Enter, Dirty Turf to the rescue. They helped me so much. They came the same day and made the turf and pavers look brand new. They are efficient, effective, and really, really nice. I wholeheartedly recommend them.Paul Y.Paul Y. ★★★★★ Working with Dirty Turf proved to be a seamless experience. They pay attention to detail and work very fast. It's been a couple of months since they serviced my turf, and impressively, there's been no trace of urine odors. After calling a few different companies, Dirty Turf was the best choice. I've signed up in their quarterly maintenance program.Matthew T.Matthew T. ★★★★★ After trying various products to remove odors from our artificial turf without success, we were on the verge of removing it altogether. That's when we discovered that professional cleaning was an option. We contacted several turf cleaning services and ultimately chose Dirty Turf. It turned out to be the right decision, as they efficiently eliminated all the unpleasant smells!Jordon S.Jordon S. ★★★★★ This was my first time using Dirty Turf and wow, these guys are the best! I have used other turf companies before, but never got the results i expected from their descriptions on their websites. I reached out to Steve and he was very accommodating and got me on the calendar right before the holidays. John was the guy who serviced my yard and he was super nice, texted me 30 minutes before showing up and walked me through the process.I highly recommend going with Dirty Turf and ask for John on your next service. 5/5 stars for these guys!Justin S.Justin S. ★★★★★ Timely and great service. I wanted the best package but they informed me my turf was in great shape and it was not needed. It was reassuring that they were not there to upsell me when it was not required. Will use them again.Jordan M.Jordan M. ★★★★★ After an extensive search for a company to maintain the turf at our sports facility, we ultimately chose Dirty Turf. Our decision was influenced by the impressive expertise, experience, and equipment that Steve and his team brought to the table. We wholeheartedly recommend Dirty Turf for any turf-related services, as they have proven to be exceptionally capable and very reliable company!Amie S.Amie S. ★★★★★ I have new turf and 4 dogs. I wanted to be proactive in staying ahead of the smell that can come with animals and artificial turf. Dirty Turf was the perfect solution. They pretreated, put pet proof sand in, clean my turf and I’m all set. We were so happy with the company, communication and services performed. I’m all set for regular cleanings. Best thing I could’ve done for my backyard!Jacob M.Jacob M. ★★★★★ I've used a few turf Cleaning companies in the past and the results were not what I thought. After using Dirty Turf I was very impressed with their cleaning style. It was very different. Steve extracted all the urine and dirty infill out. His machine is very powerful. It's been six months since he came, and my turf still does not smell. Dirty Turf is the only company I recommend.Tracy R.Tracy R. ★★★★★ I love my backyard!! I have a small patch of turf, mostly for the you can imagine, it can get smelly! I found Dirty Turf online and after reading several reviews decided to try them out. Right after the first service, I signed up for standing quarterly cleanings. I love the fresh smell and appearance of the turf after the service. It makes a huge difference and allows me to entertain and enjoy the space. And I get to keep the dog! Just kidding, the dog is a keeper!! Thank you Steve and team!Brandy M.Brandy M. ★★★★★ Great job! Grass looks and smells amazing. Will follow up in a week to see if smell is still tempered 🙂jassim A.jassim A. ★★★★★ Turf was very dirty & had stains, looks brand new now & smells goodAngela M.Angela M. ★★★★★ Dirty Turf did an excellent job cleaning my turf. I have 3 large dogs and the smell was really bad. They cleaned my turf and educated me on ongoing cleaning. Set up my next cleaning service. Great job 👏 👍Meghan C.Meghan C. ★★★★★ We had a great experience with this company. They left our turf looking brand new. We will def be using them in the future!js_loader

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