What is our Heavy Duty Turf Cleaning?

Our heavy duty turf cleaning system is different than our deep clean and any other turf cleaning in Arizona. This type of cleaning is a 2 day cleaning service with lots of enzyme with our truck mounted machinery. Our equipment gets deep inside the turf, cleans the existing infill, and quarter minus below the turf, as the quarter minus is contaminated as well and contributes to nasty odors. It can get so bad you can smell it as soon as you walk outside or even simply by walking by your home on the sidewalk. Yep, your neighbors smell it too.

Day 2 is treated as if our installers personally installed your turf. We test the turf and add the required amount of pet deodorizer needed. Most turf does not have it. We also add our cooling tech product to help keep your artificial grass cool. We also reactive the enzymes for a third cleaning and bond the enzymes with the pet deodorizer.

Heavy Duty Turf Cleaning Details

2 Day Service
Truck Mounted Machinery & Equipment
Commercial Grade Urine Annihilator Enzyme ™ (SAFE)
Turf Cleaning
Quarter Minus Cleaning
Turf Re-Blooming By Our Turf Installers
Industry Required Pet Deodorizer 1 Pound per SQFT
Cooling Technology Application (Keeps Grass Cool)
Debris Removal
Enzyme Reactivation
Enzyme Bonding
Hide Turf Seams

Quarterly Cleaning | 20% OFF
Bi-Annual Cleaning | 10% OFF

Still Have Questions?

Here are some things you should ask before committing to working with a turf cleaning service provider.

How many square feet does a gallon of turf cleaner or enzyme cover?

Is the turf cleaner diluted, commercial grade, store bought, etc.?

Part of turf cleaning is similar to artificial grass installation - ie powerbrooming - shouldn't I have an experienced turf installer powerbroom my turf?

Do you know how to tell what kind of seam work was installed and how they were installed? (There are several different kinds)

So the turf is not pulled apart during the powerbrooming process, how should the turf be pinned down and why?

How many times a year should you powerbroom my turf?

What is the different between hard powerbrooming and soft powerbrooming?

You spent thousands in getting your turf installed. Educating yourself on the turf cleaning process is extremely important. It’s much better to have experienced turf installers to handle the turf cleaning. Turf cleaning is a much different process than carpet cleaning as part of turf cleaning is very similar to turf installation.  Ask the above questions to make sure whomever you’re speaking to has the knowledge and experience when handling your turf.

Turf smell can get pretty foul. Not to worry, our HEAVY DUTY Turf Cleaning Service will ELIMINATE the odor so you can enjoy your yard again!

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