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One of our recently acquired customers which had 15-year-old synthetic lawn which was stained with dog feces due to their pet’s stomach ailment. The client approached us to disinfect, decontaminate, and revitalize the turf as much as possible, with no expectations of achieving remarkable results. However, after we completed the cleaning process, the 15-year-old lawn appeared as good as new, which took the client by surprise. He was immensely pleased with the outcome. See testimonial video.


  1. Removal of piles of dog feces completely stuck to the turf.
  2. Disinfection of turf, infill and quarter minus below turf.
  3. Debris removal of debris, rocks, remnant dog feces.
  4. Dog urine smell removal in the turf, infill and quarter minus below turf.
  5. Revival of turf grass blades. The turf was too matted down to revive the turf blades back up with a powerbroom, so we used one of very own customized proprietary tools the revive the turf.
  6. Newly added pet infill and cooling technology infill.
  7. Urine smell prevention spray, one of our new products.
  8. UV treatment to prevent sun damage.

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