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Dirty Turf is a combination of professional cleaning and artificial grass installation. We are a sister company of AGP Turf and Synthetic Grass Masters – 5 star rated installation reviews. We have 28 years of cleaning services and 15 year of synthetic grass knowledge and installation. This is what makes Dirty Turf the top turf cleaning and maintenance company in Arizona. Our turf knowledge is paramount to all others. We understand any turf from yarns, to turf weight, drainage, heat protection, turf backing, quarter minus/turf base, infills,  materials, etc.

Like carpet, synthetic grass needs be maintained. Unwanted dirt, insects, odors, debris all get trapped in the grass and need to be cleaned. Cleaning artificial grass is much different than taking care of a regular lawn. It needs to be handled with care to keep the seams in tact, so grass blades don’t break, the turf itself will not tear, etc. We have the proper tools to care for your synthetic grass so nothing happens to it.

Inspection and Turf Assessment:

Prior to caring for your turf we need to assess your installation. It’s important to know and understand if it was done properly or not. We know every qualified installation company in town and how there process is based on years in the synthetic grass industry.

Turf Inspection Requirements:

  • Check Turf Seams
  • Check Turf Perimeter
  • Examine Existing Infill
  • Check Turf Backing
  • Drainage
  • Grass Blade Inspection
  • Year of Installation
  • Base Underneath Turf
  • Damage From Previous Powerbrooming Attempts
  • Damage From Previous Cleaning Attempts

The Turf Cleaning and Restoration Process

Turf Cleaning and Deep Turf Cleaning – We first have to neutralize all odors, urine, feces, bloody stools, bacteria, fungus, etc. Then we come back around and kill it all. We have our regular cleaning or a heavy duty cleaning method depending on the severity of your turf.

Heavy Duty Turf cleaning is when your turf is on the extreme level (basically when we can smell it as soon as we go in your backyard to inspect). We then use our truck mounted system, proper chemistry and mixtures. Fully cleans out the turf blades, deep inside the turf, existing infill inside and out and base underneath without reinstalling the turf itself. Our product is powerful enough to drain through the turf itself and clean the quarter minus.

Turf Reblooming / Powerbroom / Restoration for Flattened Areas

We stand all of the blades back up, refluffing the turf. This also removes debris; dirt, rock, leaves, old dried up feces, etc. Our turf installers handle this process. You’ve spent thousands on your turf, best practices is to have installers rebloom your turf. This was the same process when you installed your turf originally. If powerbrooming is not done right, it can be severely damaged. Best steps is to use actual installers.

De-Compacting to Improve Drainage

As our professional installers re-bloom your turf, it will de-compact to improve the way your turf drains. Better drainage will decrease odors, bacteria, mold issues, etc..

Pet Hair Removal – We will remove pet hairs from your turf. This also helps your turf drain better and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Proper Amount of Pet Infill or Pet Deodorizer – We use the same exact pet deodorizer for the cleaning and maintenance as we do for installation. There are no cutting corners here. You will need the required amount of infill. A few bags of 40 to 50 lbs of infill will not do the trick.

TIP: In case you didn’t know..A 40 pound dog can urinate about 90 gallons of pee each year. That’s a lot of pee in your artificial turf.

Every 200 SQFT of turf you have collection about 1400 grams of dust and debris each year.

Dogs Playing on Artificial Grass in Backyard