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Our turf cleaning services will restore your artificial grass and get rid of nasty pet odors, GUARANTEED.

No contracts, no nonsense.

Professional Artificial Turf Cleaning Services

Full Service Turf Cleaning

Get your turf looking and smelling its best with our full service cleaning. Our cutting edge truck-mounted turf cleaning system eliminates pet odors and refreshes your turf, guaranteed!

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Turf Rejuvenation

Turf looking worn? If your artificial grass blades are matted down, we will re-fluff and rejuvenate your turf to get it looking like it did the day it was installed.

Includes power brooming, debris removal, drainage restoration, & a basic wash by our experienced team.

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Infill Replacement

Now offering infill replacement! If your turf has old infill or your installer used the wrong infill, we now have the ability to remove and replace it with the correct turf infill based on your needs.

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We Know Artificial Grass, Inside and Out

Jobs Completed
SQFT Cleaned Every Month

Safe for People & Pets

100% Natural Turf Cleaning Product

Our turf cleaning methods and products are 100% organic and safe for people and pets while effectively eliminating unpleasant odors at the source. The high quality products we use are 100% safe for your turf and will not eat away at it like some harsh cleaners on the market. Our product has been tested and developed for over 25 years and continues to get better.

Experienced Team

Dirty Turf Team Member Cleaning Backyard Turf

We are master turf installers as well as cleaners servicing the entire Phoenix area including surrounding areas. Once your turf is properly inspected, we will know the exact reason why it smells and how to clean & restore your turf. We have over 28 years of cleaning experience and 15 years of artificial grass installation experience.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer service is important to us, and your satisfaction is our highest priority. Our experienced team will make sure your turf is 100% clean and odor-free and you are fully satisfied with our work. We will help restore and revive your synthetic grass, guaranteed. We clean like we install – perfection is the only option.

Artificial Grass Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Phoenix, Arizona’s original artificial grass cleaners offering service throughout Phoenix and surrounding areas.

We are a full-service turf cleaning company with 3 truck-mounted cleaning systems and a team of knowledgeable cleaning techs with over 28 years of professional cleaning experience. Our sister company has been installing turf for over 15 years and has 7 installation crews that provide service throughout the Phoenix Metro area. If there are 2 things we know inside and out, it’s cleaning and artificial grass.

We have 2 types of artificial grass cleaning servicesdeep cleaning using hose-end sprayers, and heavy duty cleaning using truck-mounted systems. All jobs are treated as though they are new installation projects and are done to install specs. This means we use the right materials and correct amount of product from pet deodorizers, enzyme solution, and cooling technology application. Turf is essentially an outdoor carpet and luxury item, and we want to treat it this way. Our professional cleaning crews bring years of turf knowledge to the table to personally care for your turf. Don’t hire just anyone to clean and maintain your turf. Novice cleaners that have little to no experience with heavy duty turf equipment can cause severe damage resulting in a need for extensive repair or replacement.

We will get the smell out the first time and safely revitalize your synthetic turf. We are so confident, we fully guarantee our work.

Reasons your turf smells:

  1. You were sold a lower grade turf or cheaper turf that doesn’t drain properly.
  2. Your turf was installed incorrectly.
  3. The installer used the incorrect type of infill.
  4. The way it was installed does not allow for proper drainage.
  5. It has not been maintained.

All of this will be explained during your free turf inspection and consultation.


Residential & Commercial Turf Cleaning

Move-In & Move-Out Cleans

Backyard Turf

Front Yard Turf


Pet Areas

Doggy Day Cares

Dog Runs

Recreational Areas


Apartment Complexes


Businesses Any Size


Common Areas


Sports Fields

Monthly Maintenance: Debris Removal, Weed Removal, Re-Blooming

24 Hour Emergency Service

What We Do

Our unique approach and process is what makes us the best turf cleaning company in Arizona.


Our Service Plans

Deep Cleaning Service

Deep cleaning is similar to our competitors with heavy enzyme treatment, power brooming, and adding pet deodorizer. The difference is we add a more powerful enzyme, more pet deodorizer, and our cooling technology application to help keep your turf nice and cool. All power brooming is done by our turf installers.

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Heavy Duty Cleaning Service

Our heavy duty deep cleaning plans are like no other. We are the only ones that provide this service in Arizona with professional machinery that not only cleans the turf, but existing infill and quarter minus underneath the turf. We also treat it as if our installers personally installed your turf and will add the proper amount of pet deodorizer.

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Why Does My Synthetic Grass Smell?

Wondering why every time you go outside you all of a sudden feel like you’re at the Phoenix Zoo? Is the smell getting to be overwhelming? There are several reasons why your artificial grass might have a strong odor. You may have a lower grade turf, a weed barrier, it may have been installed incorrectly or not maintained. Whatever the specific reason is, it usually comes down to improper drainage or lack of maintenance.

Synthetic Turf Backing

Turf backing plays an important role for artificial grass. If you have little holes on the back side of the turf, it won’t drain properly or air out. Here is what happens:

  • Water, pet urine, or other moisture gets trapped under the turf and is not able to air out or dry properly. The turf begins to smell and can even get moldy. It is essential for turf to drain correctly and breathe. Tiger Turf is the highest quality artificial grass on the market, AGP Turf, LLC installs this turf properly.

Inexperienced Installers Installed it Wrong

If you hired an inexperienced installer especially a non-licensed one, it is likely they did not have the knowledge and/or experience to install your turf properly.

  • If you have pets, you SHOULD NOT HAVE A WEED BARRIER. Some installers put a weed barrier even if you have pets. Weed barriers prevent proper drainage and this contributes greatly to nasty odors.
  • Using the correct fill material is a must. Inexperienced installers will use silica sand when you have pets. Silica sand absorbs moisture. When you have pets, copper slag should be used. Copper slag does not absorb moisture.
  • They did not use a pet fill or pet deodorizer that kills off odor-causing bacteria. This should absolutely be used if you have pets.

Lack of Maintenance on Your Synthetic Grass

Proper maintenance is absolutely essential for the longevity of your turf. When your turf was installed, care instructions should have been presented to you. Unfortunately, a lot of people neglect to care for their turf and it’s not entirely their fault.

  • Turf should be sprayed down frequently
  • Pet droppings should be picked up and not allowed to sit (IT NEEDS TO BE PICKED UP OR IT WILL SMELL)
  • Pet urine should be sprayed down regularly with a pet-safe spot cleaner

Over The Counter Turf Cleaning Products

Over the counter artificial grass cleaning products only block or mask the smell temporarily. The bacteria is still there and the smell will come back. We neutralize the bacteria using pet-friendly and family-friendly methods and eliminate the smell at it’s core.

Power Washing Method For Synthetic Grass Cleaning

This method does not get rid of the smell or even cover it. Power washing is the same process as using a water hose sprayer. Within a few hours your turf will smell again.

Soil or Quarter Minus Beneath Turf

One to three inches of quarter minus was installed beneath the turf as a foundation for the synthetic grass to lay over the top of. As dogs urinate the quarter minus becomes contaminated as well. Not only does the turf smell, but the quarter minus smells too, several tons of it. On 1,000 square feet we have to clean 10 or more tons of quarter minus. Our enzymatic cleaner is hands down the best product on the market. We use enough product to neutralize anything under the turf that may also be contaminated. Enough product has to be used in order to work. This will be explained in your consultation.

NOTE: Artificial grass is not inherently pet-friendly. You have to make it pet-friendly and maintain it to keep it pet-friendly. The materials added to the turf , when done properly, are what make it pet-friendly.

Steve and his team did an amazing job! Not only were they timely and professional their overall workmanship was excellent! Our turf looks and smells better than brand new! I highly recommend using their services if you need your turf cleaned and sanitized!

Brian Padilla

I had dirty turf clean my turf in front and back yards.
He educated me on the cleaning process. He is very knowledgeable regarding cleaning artificial turf. The yard looks so much better and I know it’s clean for my three dogs now.

Kimberley Dodenhoff

Working with Dirty Turf was a great experience. I just recently moved into my new home and they were able to clean up my turf to make it look new. Would recommend!

Leah Crawford

I am the owner of Hardscape Express and install thousands of Sqft of Synthethic Grass each month. Ive been using Dirty Turf for the last 7 months for all of my clients. I've tried other companies that make an attempt to clean. Dirty Turf is by far the only ones on Arizona that know what they are doing. I will continue to use them.

Thomas Vale

I have over 1000 square feet of artificial grass. I’ve tried every over the counter product on the market and nothing worked. There is another company in town that tried to clean my turf and they couldn’t get the smell out. I reached out to Dirty Turf and was hesitant to get it cleaned because I lost all hope. I caved in and all I can say is these guys know exactly what to do. My turf does not smell anymore. They deep cleaned it and put all new infill in. Have not had any issues since. My doggies and I can now enjoy my backyard again!!! Highly recommend these guys. Worth every penny. Thank you!

Kristen Richards

Arizona’s Best Turf Cleaners

We are the best artificial grass cleaning & turf maintenance company in the Phoenix Metro area proudly serving Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Peoria, Surprise, and surrounding areas throughout Maricopa County. We show up on time and ready to work!

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What makes Dirty Turf different from competitors and over the counter turf cleaning products?

Dirty Turf is a sister company of AGP Turf and Synthetic Grass Masters, both are installation companies. We have combined experience of 15 years artificial grass installation and 28 years of carpet cleaning services. We understand how turf is supposed to be installed and properly cleaned. Over the counter artificial cleaning products are no match for ours. They mask the smell, we KILL it! We will deep clean and penetrate through any odor. We are not garden hose cleaners (spraying turf with a garden hose is not powerful enough to clean). We have the right truck mounted machinery to penetrate through any odor. Turf restoration needs to be done by installation professionals. You’ve invested quite a bit of money in your turf. Installers like us should be handling re-blooming and restoring your turf.  We are confident to say we are truly one-of-a-kind and are the best turf cleaning company in Arizona.

How is your turf cleaning process different than others?

Dirty Turf is the number 1 Turf Cleaning company in Arizona. We have professional truck mounted cleaning equipment specifically designed for synthetic grass that we drive out to clean your turf with several hundred feet of hose and very powerful sprayers. We have the best enzyme, safe for pets on the market that will disinfect and kill any bacteria in your turf. Our enzyme will not only treat your turf but clean out the existing infill and while draining will clean the quarter minus under the turf. Our competitors simply hook up a cleaner to a garden hose and spray it.

How much pet deodorizer is required to put in synthetic grass?

Inexperienced installers sometimes put in the wrong infill or no pet infill at all. We will examine the infill that is already inside the turf. If there is none, 1 to 3 pounds per sqft is required. If your existing install had some type of pet deodorizer, we will examine it and will be able to know exactly how much needs to be added.

When can pets and children start using the turf again after cleaning?

If you choose just to clean the turf, you can use it a few hours after the cleaning. Allow the synthetic turf cleaning to settle a bit. If you choose to clean and add new pet deodorizer, you can use the synthetic grass as soon as new deodorizer is added and sprayed in.

Do I need to replace my artificial grass?

The answer is no unless it’s heavily damaged. We have yet to come across this issue.

Is it more cost effective to clean turf or replace it with new turf?

It is much more cost effective to clean it over new installation.  A good install for 1000 sqft usually costs between $5500.00 and $6000.00.  Cleaning 1000 sqft of turf correctly is $750.00.

Can I clean or maintain my turf on my own?

Deep cleaning turf is not an easy process. Most over the counter synthetic grass cleaners do not work, or only work for a few days. We have the right machines and best products for cleaning your artificial grass. If you are trying to maintain the turf on your own, you must be very careful. If you do not have the proper equipment, you can tear out the grass blades, rip the seams, slice the turf and even melt the grass. We have the proper tools to get it done correctly without ruining your turf.

Do you clean putting greens?

Yes, we clean and sanitize putting greens all the time. The process is the same.

Is power washing the same as deep cleaning?

Absolutely not. Power washing is just like running a high pressure hose on the turf. It will help get rid of any debris that is stuck in the grass. Power washing is a good method but it will not deep clean, sanitize or kill bacteria. If you want to truly clean, sanitize and kill bacteria, Dirty Turf will deep clean it professionally and you will have no issues.

Do deadly dog diseases such as Parvo & Distemper and also Ringworm live in artificial grass?

YES! If synthetic turf is not properly cared for your dogs can get very sick. People walking barefoot on turf can potentially exposed to all kinds of nasty things. If turf is covered in urine and pet feces, humans and dogs running and walking all over it can track bacteria and other nasty things back in to your home.

How often should I power broom or rejuvenate the turf grass blades?

Artificial grass is not a cheap investment. If you power broom it every 2 to 3 months the blades will wear out and break fairly quickly. Some people attempt to power broom or re-bloom once a month. This is a big no-no. Only professional installers should use a power broom on your turf. They know where the turf blades set and how to use the equipment the right way.

Can I clean my turf with a garden hose and some enzyme cleaner?

NO! A garden hose is not powerful enough to penetrate urine, and bacteria. It will not go away or it will come back fairly quickly. Getting your grass professionally cleaned comes with many benefits. Our crews are equipped with the proper machinery needed to deep clean and remove all odors from your artificial grass.

Do bacteria and certain viruses live in artificial grass?

Yes. Bacteria and other viruses live in artificial grass. We have put a list together here: Bacteria in Turf

Get Your Turf Restored by Professional Installers

You invested good money to have professional installers install your turf. Now put your trust in professional installers to care for your turf.

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